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Duck Dynasty Star We’re Using Hollywood to Spread Gospel













Duck Dynasty Star We’re Using Hollywood to Spread Gospel

Alan Robertson, the newest cast member of Duck Dynasty, said that while Hollywood may have finally figured out that shows with Christian themes will get ratings, the cast is also using Hollywood to spread the gospel.

“For years, Hollywood missed a lot,” he told Religion News Service. “‘The Bible’ series earlier this year was wildly popular. You have to look at it as positive that they’re being aware. ”
Duck Dynasty’s premiere was the most-watched nonfiction telecast in cable history, and Robertson said “authenticity rings true with the spiritual themes. There’s a lot of word-of-mouth marketing that you can’t beat.”
He also noted that the cast’s relationship with Hollywood was mutually beneficial even though the producers still like to stereotype “redneck Christians.”

“It looks like they’re taking advantage of us, but we’re taking advantage of them to get the gospel preached,” he said.

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