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Russia Mocks Obama with ‘Lame Duck’ Tweet Following U.S. Sanctions

by Lee Stranahan

Russia quickly responded after President Barack Obama issued new sanctions against the nation in retaliation for unproven charges that Russian intelligence interfered with the U.S. election with the recent release of Democratic party emails.

The Kremlin’s first move was to demand the closure of the Anglo-American School of Moscow to foreign nationals and to shut down a United States embassy vacation house near Moscow. The school teaches the children of embassy personnel from the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

Russia’s UK embassy also took the chance to troll President Obama on Twitter, referring to Obama’s lame duck status, calling him “hapless” and referring to “Cold War deja vu.”

As Breitbart News reported, the executive order issued by President Obama is part of a series of actions taken by this administration to ratchet up tensions with Russia, including sending tanks and troops to Europe and putting a provision in the defense authorization bill that would allow Syrian anti-government fighters to have access to surface-to-air missiles.

The order comes after months of unproven claims by the Obama administration that Russian intelligence agencies influenced the U.S. election by releasing emails through Wikileaks that proved embarrassing to Democrats. The releases include such details as the fact that Hillary Clinton was given debate questions ahead of time, which were dismissed by Democrats because they supposedly came from Russia.

The accusations of Russian involvement from Democrats and the media intensified after Donald Trump’s landslide victory in November.

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