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Guns at Airports – Shot Show 2016

3,391 firearms discovered in carry-on bags in 2016, TSA says

A record number of firearms was discovered in carry-on bags in the U.S. in 2016, the Transportation Security Administration says.

In total, 3,391 firearms were found in carry-on bags at TSA checkpoints across the country — averaging more than nine per day and amounting to a 28 increase in firearm discoveries from 2015, when 2,653 were discovered, the TSA said in a blog post on Thursday.

Eight-three percent of firearms found at TSA checkpoints last year — or 2,815 — were loaded.


Shot Sow 2016

The Best New AR Products from SHOT Show 2016

1. Timney two-stage drop-in triggers

This year at SHOT Show, pigs flew. I saw one in the Timney booth. For years, the company response to customer requests for two-stage triggers was “we’ll make one when pigs fly.”

Well, heat up the frying pan because the bacon is airborne.

2. LaserMax Manta-Ray

Here’s one of those things that turns out to be insanely handy. The Manta-Ray is a rail-mounted light for rifles that will typically attach to the handguard somewhere. The different thing about the Manta-Ray is that it’s made from rubber, or, at least, the exterior is. You just snap it onto the rail wherever you like. It attaches just like rubber rail segment covers.

3. Brownells AR lower

If you’re building an AR yourself or just customizing an existing one, Brownells is the place to go. They have everything that’s ever been invented for the MSR platform. Heck, I think they even stock stuff that’s not yet built. Several years ago, Brownells started to make their own components starting with Brownells-brand AR magazines. They quickly gained a reputation as top-notch, reliable gear.


Top Knife News From SHOT Show 2016

This is the top knife news from 2016 SHOT Show.
Kershaw Collaborations

KAI USA, the parent company of both Kershaw and ZT, showed off a huge 2016 lineup filled to the brim with collaborations with custom makers. They had new knives coming from partnerships with Rick Hinderer, Todd Rexford, Les George, Dmitri Sinkevich, Jens Anso, and Grant and Gavin Hawk.

Of particular note was the ZT0220, the first collaboration with Jens Anso. The knife has a blade length of 3.5 inches and runs the very good S35VN steel and bead-blasted titanium handle. It also has Anso’s custom backspacer/lanyard hole. It’s beautiful to the eye, and at $285, a reasonable value for such high-end materials.

Spyderco Mantra Titanium

Spyderco had quite a few new knives to show off, which was a treat since it usually rolls out products at the German outdoor show IWA. In the line was the Mantra Titanium ($279). This knife is a bearing pivot flipper that runs M4 steel and shares a strong resemblance to a Delica, albeit with titanium handles and a frame lock.

more at https://gearjunkie.com/shot-show-2016-knives-news

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