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A former (?) Mossad officer predicts that Trump will be impeached on grounds of treason

by Katherine Frisk Note:

Clearly Mossad and Israel are deeply concerned about a beneficial relationship developing between  Putin and Trump.

Aviv, the former Mossad officer,  also keeps touting in the interview, the false narrative of Russian expansion into Ukraine.  And he says that Putin is blackmailing Trump. But who is blackmailing who here?

Consider the background history to this view:


  1. The Khazar Babylonian Jewish Converts from Eastern Europe and Ukraine and the acrimony that has existed between them and the Orthodox Christian Russians for over 1,000 years. These people are NOT Torah Jews and do not originally come from Palestine. The Babylonian Talmud which they follow was written between 400 A.D. and 700 A.D. It contradicts many of the teachings in the Torah and is diametrically opposite to the teachings in the Palestinian Talmud written between 100 A.D. and 300 A.D.
  2. . Jewish Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution, according to Solzhenitsyn, massacred almost over 60 million Orthodox Christians, many of whom died in purges led by Khazar Jew Genrikh Yagoda who most people have never heard of and who puts even the Nazis to shame.
  3. The coup in Ukraine in 2014 engineered by Victoria Nuland- Kagan  ( Jewish, Kagan was the name of the Khazar kings) and supported by Jewish mafia figures such as  Kolomoisky. Also keep in mind that Dov Zacheim and Sheldon Adlesson amongst many other Jewish American figures come from Ukraine and Russia. The media is quick to mention the Kiev Nazi contingent in the civil war in Ukraine, but few mention the Khazar Jewish interest and influence. Also ignored is the collusion between the Zionist Jews and the Nazis during WW2. By and large Torah Jews were the ones who were persecuted because they did not support Zionist – Nazi- Fascist principles. We see the same collusion today. Kissinger, Soros (Khazar Jew) and Brzezinski (Jesuit Nazi) are three prime examples. 
  4. It would certainly not be in their interests for NATO to pull back from Russia’s borders, for sanctions to be dropped and for full economic and political co-operation to be established between Russia and the United States Of America. Nor is it in their interests that since 1999 Putin has re-established the Orthodox Christian Church and refurbished almost all of their churches after a period of enforced atheism since the Russian revolution in 1917, led by Bolshevik Jews. Should such a situation evolve where Russia and the USA fully co-operate on international issues and mutually beneficial agreements, then it would be in Mossad’s interests to see Donald Trump impeached for treason, but the question is, treason against who? Or even assassinated. 

As I have said before. The Babylonian Talmud which condones usury, pedophilia and advocates Yeshua-Joshua-Jesus boiling in faeces for eternity,  is condemned in the Torah and the Palestinian Talmud. It was these Babylonian Jews who the Essenes, the Samaritans and the early Christians fought against.  It is this “Judaism” that the Khazars, also known as Gog and Magog from Eastern Europe follow. Trump would do well to expel all duel Israeli citizens from office as well as Jesuits and the Muslim Brotherhood. They are, as I keep repeating, the anti – Christ. Caiaphas, Herod and Pontius Pilate. The Protocols of Zion were plagiarized and written after the Jesuit oath. The one is a reflection of the other and a similar philosophy has been adopted in the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahhabi sect. Fascism, genocide, subjugation and slavery. 


from The Saker:  

Nevermind the telling way Aviv constantly uses “us” when speaking of the USA and nevermind the nonsense he spews about the Middle-East returning to peace.  What is most interesting is that what we see is one of two things happening:

Option 1: Aviv is echoing something that he has heard from well-informed sources
Option 2: Aviv is part of a campaign to gradually prepare the narrative about Trump being impeached for treason.

A combination of option 1 and 2 is also possible, of course.  Either way, this is most interesting.

Also notice the way Aviv fully accepts and endorses the notion that the Russians have some means of pressure on Trump.  This is not innocent either, especially not when aired on RT (and provides, if needed, yet another proof that RT is very far, alas, from being a government controlled media outlet) and especially not coming from a person which has the external hallmarks of credibility (thanks to the AngloZionist propaganda we all “know” that Mossad officers are all geniuses with unbelievable IQs and superhuman capabilities).

My experience and gut feeling tells me that this is far from innocent.  What I see happening is a preparation for a Trump impeachment on grounds of treason, here I fully agree with Aviv.

Whether Trump realizes it or not, he is now fighting for his life, politically and, probably, literally.  And he has only days, maybe weeks, to take very strong action.  If he continues to take hit after hit after hit and think that good speeches are going to save him, he is absolutely wrong.

Alas, with Flynn Trump *really* blew it.  Flynn, for all his idiosyncrasies and failings, was the kind of man who could have stood by Trump and directed a desperately needed crackdown against the Neocons and their part of the ‘deep state’.  Now he left with the very non-political McMaster.  Pompeo and Mattis are, at best, useless too.  And I am really not impressed by Jeff Sessions who does not strike me as the kind of man would could support, nevermind lead, a counter-coup.

As for the notion that Trump is now leaning on Netanyahu for support – I see that as a death sentence for Trump.  Netanyahu is an arrogant and incompetent man who has an amazing record of failures and miscalculations.  And the US Neocons don’t give a damn about Bibi anyway.

Friends, I am afraid that the Trump Presidency is on life support.

The Saker


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