on February 25, 2017 in Alternative News - Conspiracy News

Mark Passio – The Unholy Feminine – Neo-Feminism & The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda

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  • Joshua 1:9

    Is Right Edition now advertising or affiliated with Mark Passio? This guy is so messed up in the head it is absolutely ridiculous. I am not sure why a “news” website would put a video of this idiot on their website, especially when it has nothing to do with news. That is, unless Mark Passio has some sort of affiliation with Right Edition. Whenever Mark Passio opens his mouth he shows how confused he is.

    • Admin

      No affiliation with Right edition, many people like the conspiracy-alternative news content. As bizarre as some of the content looks and sounds, there are some that like view the wackiest stuff. personally I like the Flat Earth and political intrigue content. There is so much going on behind the scenes in politics and historical revisionism that I find intriguing.

    • Phartknocker

      lots of the content on the alternative news section here is fun to browse. It does show in some cases what weird frame of mind some people are in. I guess I am one of those that watches offbeat stuff

    • cptspanky

      A site I really like just got blacklisted by google. The Natural Health News site has been reset, almost all it’s content is gone from Google searches. I don’t like lots of content on the web but I do not want Google or some other search engine telling me what i can or can not watch, or what is appropriate content, they are not my parents or guardians of my mind.