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Geriatric Drug Dealers – People want Privacy Back

Just days before a 79-year-old granny was supposed to have hip surgery, she was arrested under the suspicion of drug dealing. After one of the buyers of the alleged 79-year-old drug dealing granny informed the police about the senior’s unusual activity, Atlanta Police narcotics officers searched the granny’s home and found more than nine pounds of marijuana and more than $130,000 cash. The more than $130,000 cash had been stored by the alleged drug dealing granny in two metal lunch boxes.

The aim of these 13 Principles is to provide civil society, private enterprises and states with a framework for determining whether surveillance laws and practices respect human rights.

Reporters Without Borders regards this initiative as consistent with the view taken by UN Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue in his latest report on state surveillance of the Internet, in which he stresses its impact on human rights and freedom of information in particular
The confidentiality of communications between journalists and their sources is an essential condition for freedom of information.