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Poll: Majority of Americans Think Abortion Wrong













According to a new Pew research poll, three times as many Americans think abortion is morally wrong as those who think it is morally acceptable. Of the 4,006 adults polled, 49% said abortion was immoral, while only 15% thought it met their moral standards; 23% said abortion was not a moral issue.

The poll found black and Hispanic voters were more anti-abortion than Americans who attend mainline Protestant churches that are pro-choice. Among white evangelical Protestants, 75% opposed abortion, while 64% of Hispanic Catholics, 58% of black Protestants, and 53% of white Catholics agreed. Only 38% of white mainline Protestants were opposed to abortion.

The poll also found that 64% of Republicans and those who lean toward the GOP think abortion is morally wrong; only 38% of Democrats agree.

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