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Prof. for Battered Women – Conservatives Lose Gun Owners Support

In an interview with the Citizen, Sheehy — who received a prestigious award from the Canadian Bar Association for her scholarship on women and the law this summer — answered that question in the affirmative.
Battered women can justly kill abusive partners “because a woman in that circumstance has already lived in captivity,” she said. “She’s already lived in a form of imprisonment and enslavement in a relationship like that.”
Sheehy likened women in abusive relationships to prisoners of war. “We would never say of a prisoner of war that it’s not just that she or he kill their captor to escape. It is just to kill to escape that kind of enslavement.”
While the legal system sometimes excuses battered women who kill abusive partners by accepting a verdict of manslaughter on compassionate grounds, that does not go far enough, Sheehy argues. “We should say you were right to kill to save your own life.”

Conservative Party loses almost 10,000 donors since January, opposition MPs say it’s because of Senate expense scandal

Although the number of contributors to the federal Conservatives began dropping last April, the party still raised more money through the first nine months of 2013 than it did during the same period in 2012, and still outfundraises all of the other parties.

Serial killer Clifford Olson in 1996. Most Canadians want to bring back the death penalty for murderers.
A new Angus Reid poll released Wednesday, suggests that 63 per cent of Canadians are in favour of reinstating the death penalty.

In particular, Canadians believe capital punishment would be a determent to potential murders and that would save taxpayers the costs associated with keeping our most notorious prisoners locked-up.