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Firearm Legal Defence

Legal Expense Insurance for Gun Owners

As a gun owner, you know that at some point it’s possible you will be confronted with a legal challenge. Every year, many hundreds of incidents are reported under Canada’s Firearms Act; in some cases leading to charges and prosecution.

Firearm Legal Defence can help by providing peace of mind to licensed gun owners in Canada through reasonably-priced and readily-available legal expense insurance. We pay for legal fees, court costs and time off work to attend court; up to $100,000 per occurrence and $500,000 total per policy year.

Policyholders also receive unlimited access to confidential legal advice from qualified lawyers through our toll-free Legal Advice Helpline

Even though Canada’s long gun registry has officially been terminated, newspaper headlines continue to appear across the country where gun owners are charged under the federal Firearms Act. Many cases involve charges pertaining to the storage and transportation of firearms or ammunition.

With legal proceedings costing into the tens of thousands of dollars, defending oneself can cause severe financial hardship for the gun owner.

Firearm Legal Defence is here to help with affordable access to justice.