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Ex-Cons Seized a Soldier’s Home… Until Vets and Bikers Decided to Take Action




Ex-Cons Seized a Soldier’s Home… Until Vets and Bikers Decided to Take Action

An Army solider has been having a very unique problem: Ex-cons took over his home. Army Spc. Michael Sharkey has a house in Florida, but he and his wife have not lived there since he was deployed to Afghanistan two years ago. They now live in Hawaii, where Sharkey is stationed, but kept the Florida house.

Unfortunately, squatters took over that Florida house, and refused to leave. Reportedly, they broke in and changed the locks, and began treating the house as their own property.

Supposedly, Sharkey asked a friend to look after the house. The squatters claim that the friend gave them permission to use the house — but there is no evidence that this permission was ever given.

The man who seized control of the house is Julio Ortiz, along with his girlfriend, Fatima Cardoso. According to reports, Ortiz is an ex-con who has done prison time for robbery, car jacking, and selling drugs. Likewise, his girlfriend also has a criminal record.

“They are criminals,” Sharkey said recently. “I am serving my country, and they have more rights to my home than I do.”

When Sharkey tried to work with local law enforcement to remove the ex-cons from his house, he was told they could not help him — because they have established residency in the location, the issue is now supposedly a civil matter.

The situation quickly caught the attention of other military veterans, however. At least one attorney has volunteered to file the eviction process for free. It may not be necessary, however: Two Tampa-area motorcycle clubs with vet members announced they were going to ride over to Sharkey’s house “and peacefully make the squatters uncomfortable.”

When the ex-cons heard that veteran bikers were gearing up to take action, they apparently fled. Volunteers are now helping Sharkey clean up his property, and hoping that the strange situation is over.