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TEAM CSSA E-NEWS – May 8, 2014

TEAM CSSA E-NEWS – May 8, 2014 ** Please share this E-news with your friends **


The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) is on the cusp of an exciting new era.

Tony Bernardo was recently named Executive Director of the CSSA in tandem with his activities as head of the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA). The CSSA has been without a full time executive director for a couple of years and Tony’s appointment allows us to embark on a journey to introduce several exciting new projects to propel the shooting sports across the nation.

The CSSA is creating the new “TEAM CSSA Shooting Rangers” junior training program. The future of the shooting sports can only be secure if the younger generation takes an active interest in target shooting and hunting. With the assistance of acting Chief Instructor Dave Arrowsmith, new (fun) courses are being developed for young Shooting Rangers in conjunction with firearms clubs across Canada.

The CSSA will provide clubs with Shooting Rangers packages so they can begin teaching young shooters. The association will award badges, certificates and skill level patches for young shooters to proudly display at home or sew on their favourite jacket. Stay tuned to find out more about CSSA’s introductory shooting courses through local clubs, whether they are CSSA clubs/members or not. Firearms wholesalers, retailer, and manufacturers have a special vested interest in sponsoring these news CSSA training programs that will produce the next generation of customers, too.

Stay tuned for the announcement of “Stick to your Guns” dinners in Toronto and Ottawa. We will be conducting seminars in those locations and capping off the day with a fun evening with friends and some great prizes.

The CSSA is also ramping up its popular programs to teach the teachers, too. Recent CSSA instructor training courses have been very popular and over-subscribed. Last year, CSSA instructors trained some 200 new instructors, many in the classroom at CSSA’s head office near Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. We will run the two-day course again on June 7-8 in that same location. If you are interested in finding out how you can become a firearms instructor, see the item that follows this Commentary for details.

In the interest of bringing more training opportunities to other areas, the CSSA is strengthening its course scheduling and curriculum in other provinces to bring more instructors up to speed. The wave of the future for the shooting sports lies in training enthusiastic shooters who respect safety and excellence. The CSSA believes that most Canadians will tolerate responsible firearms ownership when they understand these legitimate heritage activities are no different from taking the family to the local arena, swimming pool or soccer field.

Every Olympic competitor jumped their first hurdle, skied their first bunny slope or entered their first race. Team CSSA wants all Canadians to take aim at the bulls-eye and pull the trigger the first time. It is our future.


The popular demand for the CSSA’s 2014 instructor training courses was huge – so we’re doing it again!

The CSSA is offering courses in southern Ontario to train club-level handgun safety and range safety officers. We will be running the two-day course again in the CSSA’s head office classroom located near Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Classroom size is limited to 20 spaces, so sign up ASAP to reserve a seat. If you are a firearms enthusiast and want to train novice shooters, these courses are for you.

The courses are being offered on June 7 and 8 and run from 8:30 a.m. to about 4 p.m. The cost of each course is $40 for a total of $80 for the weekend. Please send requests [email protected]


WE’RE GROWING AGAIN: We’re looking for a clerical staffer to work out of our Etobicoke location. A little firearms background is an asset, as is a PAL. Some light web experience and the ability to work in a team environment would be helpful as well. This is a full-time position. If you would like to be part of Team CSSA please send your resume to [email protected]


“Allan Rock said he came to Ottawa with the belief that only the police and military should have firearms. I believe that firearms ownership is a right, but a right that comes with responsibilities” – the Hon. Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety




A Canadian university student recently contacted the CSSA seeking advice. A professor walked past the student’s desk and saw a bumper sticker on his binder that read: “Guns don’t kill people – people kill people.” The angry professor ordered the student to get rid of the slogan immediately or face consequences.

What would you do?

E-News readers are invited to send a reply to us at [email protected] If they’re short enough, we’ll re-print some of them in a future CSSA E-News.


CANADA IN THE ROUGH – RAMMING IN THE YUKON: Kevin Beasley heads to the Yukon to hunt with Tombstone Outfitters. Kevin will be chasing mountain sheep and at one point, he has seven legal rams on one mountain range in front of him. While stalking in on a 10½ year old ram, a horrendous blizzard blew in and almost swept them off the mountain. This was a hunt that challenged the crew in every way – tune in to see how perseverance paid off. To see the Canada in the Rough teaser, check out


MP (AND FORMER RCMP OFFICER) PREDICTS JOY AHEAD FOR GUN OWNERS: Yukon MP Ryan Leef says the Conservative government will change Canada’s firearms legislation before next year’s federal election to address the concerns of gun owners.

Leef was speaking to a group of gun owners at a public meeting in Whitehorse on Friday. Earlier this year, the RCMP deemed a type of sporting rifle as prohibited without telling the public. Eric Grant of Whitehorse says he learned from a gun-user website his $5,000 Swiss Arms firearm had suddenly become illegal. He says people could be committing a serious crime without even knowing.

“Possession of a prohibited firearm without being licensed to do so carries a three-year mandatory minimum [sentence],” said Grant. “That’s pretty serious in my mind and the fact that people don’t know about this, they could still be out there doing what they think is a lawful activity when in fact, if stopped by the RCMP, they could face serious criminal fines and charges.” Grant says the only legal thing he can do with the gun now is turn it in at the RCMP detachment.

Leef cautioned gun owners against blaming Yukon RCMP officers. He says they shouldn’t be lumped in with RCMP bureaucrats in Ottawa. “It’s really important to know it’s not front-line RCMP officers that’s involved in these decisions at all,” he said. Some people at the meeting reminded Leef it’s elected politicians like him who are supposed to make the decisions, not the bureaucrats. Leef promised Grant and others that the government will be changing firearms legislation before next year’s federal election, but says the government is also under pressure from a strong anti-gun lobby. (CBC News – May 3, 2014)


BOB ZIMMER, MP SENDS PRO-GUN MESSAGE, TOO: I spent time in April at the 37th Annual Dawson Creek Gun Show. The great attendance at the gun show highlighted the importance of protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners in northeastern BC from reckless decisions by bureaucrats.

I am a gun owner, and like many of you, am concerned about firearms restrictions made by ‎bureaucrats. My office along with other MPs like long time firearms advocate Garry Breitkreuz are working on a long term fix that doesn’t needlessly penalize law abiding gun owners and hunters. Our Government understands the concerns of lawful firearm owners, and we are working a long-term solution to the issue. (MP Report by Bob Zimmer – )

Full report:


GUN CONTROL BY MARK STEYN: Read the powerful May 6, 2014 column about policing gone wrong. Why doesn’t gun control pertain to police?


TORONTO STAR SCRIBBLER AMAZED THAT GUN LAWS DON’T WORK: There are no safeguards in Canadian firearms legislation to prevent people from purchasing a large number of handguns and then illegally transferring them to potential criminals. It’s an area of the law that gun control advocates say needs to be strengthened, and was recently highlighted after a Toronto man was sent to prison for legally purchasing 47 handguns from two stores over five months and then illegally transferring 43 of them to an acquaintance, who acted as a middleman for other individuals. Seven of those guns ended up at crime scenes; 30 have yet to be recovered.

Andrew Winchester, a 25-year-old former security guard and father of two sons with no prior criminal record, pled guilty to dozens of gun trafficking charges and was sentenced to eight years in prison on April 25, with credit for time already served in custody since his arrest in November 2012. In his decision, Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer wrote that Winchester, then 23, used his restricted firearms licence obtained by working at Garda Security to purchase the handguns between June and November 2012 on behalf of an old high school friend… (Toronto Star – May 7, 2014)

Read the rest at:


CBC CAN’T SEE WHY SMART GUNS ARE DUMB IDEA: As every true lover of freedom and the Second Amendment knows, Barack Obama spends most of his time scheming to take away America’s guns.

Pay no attention to the relaxed gun laws since Obama’s first election, or the record increase in gun sales on his watch. Almost as many guns were produced during Obama’s first four years than all eight years of George W. Bush’s administration. Obviously, Obama’s crafty operatives know that allowing all that accumulation of firepower will just give them more guns to impound when they make their move.

As everyone knows, right, Washington is working on a diabolical project: a “smart gun” that the government will be able to deactivate remotely, probably at the very moment its owner is stoutly defending himself or his household against federal agents. OK, that’s about as far down the road to conspiracy-town as I care to travel.

But I’m not making all this up. One needs surf no further than the esteemed Forbes website to find this: “Smart guns may be susceptible to government tracking or jamming. How hard would it be for the government to require manufacturers to surreptitiously include in computer-enhanced weapons some circuitry that would allow law enforcement to track — or even to disable — the weapons?”

Gun websites, which tend to take a more dire view than Forbes, are, well, up in arms. According to Shotgun News: “There are people who won’t stop until we are disarmed. [Smart guns] are a danger to our rights, no more, no less.”

To me, a non-gun owner who doesn’t believe the feds are coming in stealth helicopters, the smart gun seems like what it is: a real gun that fires real bullets, and can really kill you. The difference is that it must be electronically enabled in order to function, a safety measure that has come to be hated and feared by the far right of the gun lobby. Some smart guns contain sensors that scan the owner’s biometric information, or recognize a grip. Some recognize fingerprints. Others, like the German-made Armatix iP1, won’t work unless the shooter is wearing a special wristwatch transmitter… (By Neil Macdonald – CBC News – May 8, 2014)

For the rest see:



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