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Team Names Nonscense – Kangaroo Courts

Team Names Nonscense – Kangaroo Courts

Colbert’s bit mocked this notion by resurrecting a (purposefully) offensive Asian character, “Ching-Chong Ding-Dong.” Now, let’s first point out that the character was originally used in response to a Rush Limbaugh controversy, where Rush went on at length in a sing-song faux Asian voice. And, while Limbaugh did get a little heat over it for like a day, I don’t recall conservatives being up in arms about it. Funny that.

Anyway, Colbert’s entire bit was both a rip on the owner of the Redskins, and on age-old Asian stereotypes held by mostly white people. Even the “Orientals or whatever” part of the faux charity name was a jab at people who complain that ethnic groups sometimes change their preferred name, and deem older terms offensive. There was nothing in the bit that was out of character, literally. The character of “Stephen Colbert” (rather than the actor) is an obtuse, jingoistic, arch conservative. He’s an educated, polished Archie Bunker.
I really believe that the only people complaining about this–on the left or right–fall into just a few small categories: a) humorless people who don’t understand satire, b) knee-jerk reactionaries who overreacted to a piece of the joke tweeted out of context, c) people who are always looking to be outraged about something, and d) people who probably aren’t really upset, but squawk about this for other reasons.

Kangaroo Courts

And so, last week, the Alberta Human Rights Commission quietly deleted the name “Moosa Jiwaji” from its website’s list of commissioners – the kangaroo court fake-judges who issue increasingly bizarre rulings.
Earlier this year, Jiwaji had issued a doozy, declaring the province’s engineering exam was “discriminatory,” because an immigrant from the former Czechoslovakia had failed it three times.
Tens of thousands of other foreign engineers have passed the exam – roughly a quarter of Alberta’s engineers are immigrants. But not Ladislav Mihaly, a middle-aged white European. In this, Jiwaji saw “discrimination” so he ordered the engineers to pay Mihaly $10,000 and lower their standards.

“It’s a human rights commission, not a real court. But it has legal effect. It sets a precedent,” he wrote.

Levant’s column was in regards to Alberta’s Human Rights Commission decision that it was discriminatory to hold foreign-born “engineers” to Canadian professional standards.
One man from Czechoslovakia (as it was then called), Ladislav Mihaly, had failed to pass the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) test three times, and subsequently filed a human rights suit in 2008
But human rights commissions aren’t called kangaroo courts for nothing. And for the next five years, they ran with Mihaly’s case with a vengeance. He didn’t even have to hire a lawyer; taxpayers paid for the whole thing.”

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