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Teachers Strike – Female Gun Owners

Brian Lovig on Teachers strike, black on white attacks, women and guns

Chief negotiators for both sides in the B.C. teachers’ dispute are hunkered down at a Richmond hotel for talks this weekend as another week without school looms on the horizon for half a million British Columbia school children.
The chief negotiators for both sides are meeting with veteran mediator Vince Ready, who confirms bargaining is underway.
However, there is still little clarity about the nature of the bargaining or its scope as the parties have agreed not to talk until there is something to say.

Women Gun Owners

For Katie Oittinen, a turning point was an afternoon two summers ago when a stranger walked into her living room. When he encountered Oittinen and her dog, a Great Dane mix, the man fled.

But what really scared Oittinen, who was pregnant, was what happened next: She called the police. They said they would come to her Portland home. And they never did.

So after her son was born and she and her husband moved to Granite Falls in Snohomish County, the 29-year-old new mom decided to get a license to carry a concealed handgun. “That was a wake-up call,” she said. “It’s things like that that make you wonder: ‘Who can you really rely on to protect you and your family?’ Pretty much yourself.”

So many women come to gun ownership with the primary purpose of protecting themselves. The ability to carry the firearm on the body everywhere we go throught the day is necessary to have the cability if heaven forbid the need arises. There are many things that must be considered and some challenges that need to be solved to effectively, comfortably and safely carry our gun concealed.

Black On White Violence

For starters, black men in America are under attack. But the predators responsible are not whites, whether police officers are otherwise; rather, they are other black men.

Yet, if “racism” is the mother of all evils, a “cancer” to society, as we have been tirelessly told for decades and decades, then the exorbitant rate of black-on-black violence, while dreadful as far as it goes, should nevertheless register lower on our scale of priorities than the comparably obscene level of black-on-white violence—which, scandalously, doesn’t seem to register at all.

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