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Anti Gun Sen.With Gun – Bloomberg’s Armed Guards

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Anti Gun Sen.With Gun – Bloomberg’s Armed Guards

Jamilah Nasheed

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. On Monday night in Ferguson, Missouri where the nation watches as a St. Louis Grand Jury decides whether or not to indict a police officer in the death of Michael Brown, Senator Jamilah Nasheed arrived with a male companion in tow and promptly moved into the street in front of the local police station in direct violation of a local safety ordinance. St. Louis County Police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schellman stated that commanders with county police spoke with protesters about the ordinance and warned them that anyone in violation would be arrested. Nasheed and her companion were approached several times and warned before they were placed into custody.

But that is not the end of the story.

When questioned by police it was discovered that the gun-control advocating Senator had a fully loaded 9mm pistol in her possession along with additional ammunition

Hypocrite: Anti-Gun Bloomberg Enters Civilian Life Surrounded by Armed Guards
January 1, 2014 By Greg Campbell
Michael Bloomberg hates guns so much that he surrounds himself with them.

As New York City’s new mayor Bill de Blasio was sworn in on Wednesday, former mayor Michael Bloomberg left office to resume life as a civilian. However, though Bloomberg has spent copious amounts of his own personal fortune, time, and effort in keeping the law-abiding from gaining access to firearms, the former New York City mayor will be enjoying civilian life encased in the comfort of a team of armed security personnel.

Meanwhile, those that are not fortunate enough to be able to afford a team of armed guards will be left vulnerable to criminals thanks, in large part, to the destructive policies and crusades of Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg has created an armed security detail that consists of former police officers who were offered six-figure salaries and lavish benefits to protect the nation’s most notorious anti-Second Amendment crusader. In doing so, Bloomberg has validated what he has so often mocked: the notion that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. In Bloomberg’s case, he has opted to surround himself with multiple good guys with guns.

Flashback: Mayor Bloomberg Visits Gun-Free Bermuda, Requests Exception For His Bodyguards To Carry Guns

In another “some animals are more equal than others” example, we bring you the tale from 2010 of Bermuda’s frequent guest, Mayor Bloomberg, now known more as forbidder of Big Gulps and Anti Gun harridan. Mayor Bloomberg, a billionaire, often visits the island. That’s not a problem. But this hypocrisy is:

The mayor also takes along a police detail when he travels, flying two officers on his private plane and paying as much as $400 a night to put them up at a hotel near his house; the city pays their wages while they are there, as it does whether Mr. Bloomberg is New York or not. Guns are largely forbidden in Bermuda — even most police officers do not use them — but the mayor’s guards have special permission to carry weapons. A spokesman for the Police Department declined to comment.

So let’s understand that-he doesn’t want you to have guns for your own protection, but he can have guns and override the island law to have them.

Alrighty now.

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