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Canadian Trump Phobia – Are Elections Predetermined?

Donald Trump may be doing well in polls south of the border, but a new survey suggests most Canadians are turned off by his inflammatory rhetoric.

In a poll of 1,530 people last week, the Angus Reid Institute found the majority does not support the candidate for the Republican nomination, although a sizeable minority identifies with his polices.

People living in Toronto and Vancouver were also keen to see Trump’s name removed from buildings downtown — 62 per cent answering in favor.

Canadians turned off by Donald Trump’s inflammatory policies: poll

Canada to Trump: You should be fired!

He may be topping the charts among U.S. Republicans, but Canadian voters don’t have much taste for Donald Trump, according to a new poll provided exclusively to Sun Media.

Trump, the billionaire New York businessman, seems poised to win the Iowa caucus on Feb. 1 and the New Hampshire primary a week later according to the latest U.S. polls. Most pundits south of the border believe the Republican race will come down to two men: Trump and Canadian-born Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Both those choices are unpalatable to the sensibilities of the Canadian voter.

Retired Ballot Supervisor Tells Reporters “Presidential Election Predetermined Since JFK”

James B. Marlow is a small framed man confined to an electric wheel chair. He has spent the last 30 years working in Washington, DC. for the Central Counting Facility. He began his career in 1965 as the low man on the totem pole. However, his hard work and determination eventually paid off, and he was quickly promoted through the ranks, finally becoming a supervisor in 1971. That’s when Marlow claims he was approached by several Government officials who persuaded him to dismiss the real votes, and report the predetermined numbers to secure a fraudulent presidency. His sobering views should concern every American who still believes that the government has their best interests in mind and that the methods used in elections are to be trusted.

“It’s not about the Republicans, or the Democrats, you understand. They’re two heads on the same beast”, Says the 79-year-old retired Central Counting Facility supervisor during an hour long press conference held at his sprawling 50-acre ranch in Lexington, Kentucky. “Every election since John F. Kennedy has been predetermined, and unfortunately, I have helped to facilitate this corruption.”

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