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Office of Administrative Law approves DOJ’s proposed ‘assault weapon’ regulations — Lawsuit soon to be filed

The Office of Administrative Law recently officially approved DOJ’s proposed “bullet-button assault weapon” regulations. These regulations are a result of the enactment of Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135, both of which classify certain firearms required to be equipped with “bullet buttons” as “assault weapons” under California law.  READ MORE

New webinar: Recently Approved ‘Bullet-Button Assault Weapon’ Regulations

CRPA’s most recent webinar, Recently Approved “Bullet-Button Assault Weapon” Regulations, provides a detailed explanation of how to register your firearms and how to determine whether your firearms ought to be registered. It also gives a look at the excessive personal information requirements and other requirements.  READ MORE

Push your shooting skills beyond what you think you’ll need

By Mike Ox
We continually have to balance the need to be prepared for an event that may or may not happen with the reality that we have limited time and money. When a fight for our life happens, we not only want to bring enough gun, but we also want to bring enough skill. And the harder you train, the easier you’ll fight. You want to train past the point where you feel confident — you want to train to the point where failure is impossible.  READ MORE


3 tips for better shooting from the bench

Outdoor Hub
Hunters are not bench rest shooters, and there are no shooting benches in the field. But sometimes hunters need a shooting bench to do things such as sight a rifle in or test ammunition. If you don’t use proper bench shooting techniques, then you’ll end up wasting ammo, and be more frustrated than satisfied.  READ MORE

Training for close-range defense with your concealed carry gun Share on Facebook

Shooting Illustrated
Those who come home from a defensive shooting school have a long list of things they are encouraged to practice with their concealed-carry gun. They are told to work on reloads, malfunction drills, multiple targets, shooting on the move and a number of other things. While this is true to a certain extent, the majority of practice ought to be on dealing with close-range deadly encounters.  READ MORE

13 summer carry guns to beat the heat

Gun Digest
When the weather heats up, many shooters ditch their usual carry pieces for lighter, more concealable guns. Here’s a list of 13 top summer carry guns.  READ MORE

Troubleshooting rifle accuracy

American Rifleman
American rifle shooters are a picky lot. We worship velocity and thirst for accuracy. Some of us, varmint hunters and those who pursue long-range shooting, actually have a need for both high velocity and extraordinary accuracy. Most of us, realistically, have more modest needs.  READ MORE

Skill Set: Flying with firearms

The Tactical Wire
People have a fear of flying with their firearms, but it’s just a lack of knowledge about the process. As long as you know how to proceed it’s not a big deal.  READ MORE

Don’t fidget with your gun, or you could shoot someone
Negligent discharges happen, but we should all try to minimize them as much as possible. The chances of your gun “accidentally” going off when you don’t expect it to increase whenever you handle your gun.  READ MORE



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