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  • Liberals banning 5 Swiss Arms rifles and bringing in amnesty period for current owners
  • BONOKOSKI: There’s a reason gang-bangers with guns are called criminals
  • Alberta teen launches petition against gun control legislation
  • Liberal MP who weathered gun-registry fight not worried about new firearms bill
  • Gun owners oppose new federal regulations
  • Big Battle Brewing Over Chicago Suburb’s Ban on Assault Weapons



The most important word in “Political Action” is ACTION

The most important word in “Political Action” is ACTION

On Sunday, March 25, the CSSA published 35 talking points on Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act[i]. We also highlighted the three most effective methods to express your opinion to your elected representatives, the Minister of Public Safety and the Prime Minister of Canada.

1.  Send emails.

2.  Write physical letters.

3.  Phone M.P.s, the Minister of Public Safety’s office and the Prime Minister’s office.

In the two weeks following the publication of our talking points on Bill C-71, individual M.P.s, including the Public Safety Minister and Prime Minister’s offices, report receiving over 1,600 letters PER DAY. The Ministry of Public Safety’s phone lines crashed when gun owners overloaded the system with calls to express their displeasure with the bill.

This proves that the most important word in the phrase “Political Action” is not political –– it’s ACTION.

This outpouring of opposition to Bill C-71 is wonderful, However before we pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, remember that this is only the beginning of the battle for our rights.

Politicians have short memories.

If we do not keep this issue on the front burner, politicians will forget and move on to the next most vocal person. Unless we keep our opposition to Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, loud and public, our elected representatives will forget all about us.

The strength of any association, the Canadian Shooting Sports Association included, is our ability to motivate our membership into action. We proved this over the past two weeks with the tsunami of letters and phone calls that swamped Hill staffers and took down the Department of Public Safety’s phone system.

But this is only the beginning.

Practical, effective politics is boring stuff. It’s also essential to our success.

Write or call your Member of Parliament, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau every week for the next 18 months and ask them questions. Demand responses. When they do not answer you, write and ask why. Force them to keep this issue at the forefront of their minds until the 2019 federal election.

But don’t stop there. Don’t do it alone.

Ask your gun-owning friends these two questions:

1.  Do you value your guns?

2.  Have you written a letter to express your displeasure with Bill C-71 this week?

If the answer to the second question is “no,” ask them again if they truly value their guns.

We are judged, not by our good intentions, but by our actions.

We spend time on the things we value most.

Do you value your guns?

Prove it. Spend 30 minutes this week, and every week until the 2019 election, making sure your elected representatives know where you stand on this issue. Make sure all your gun-owning friends do the same.

If you live in any of the following ridings, you are in a unique position to strike fear into the heart of your M.P. Each of these Members of Parliament won their riding by less than 5 per cent of the vote.

·     Alaina Lockhart –– Fundy Royal, NB

·     Matthew Dubé –– Beloeil-Chambly, QC

·     Denis Lemieux –– Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, QC

·     David Graham –– Laurentides-Labelle, QC

·     Jean Rioux –– Saint-Jean, QC

·     Bryan May –– Cambridge, ON

·     Mike Bossio –– Hastings-Lennox and Addington, ON

·     Bob Nault –– Kenora, ON

·     Deb Schulte –– King-Vaughan, ON

·     Marc Serré –– Nickel Belt, ON

·     Kim Rudd –– Northumberland-Peterborough South, ON

·     MaryAnn Mihychuk –– Kildonan-St. Paul, MB

·     Jati Sidhu –– Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon, BC

·     Dan Ruimy –– Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge, BC

These M.P.s are vulnerable. Better yet, they know it. Wayne Easter, the former Solicitor General of Canada, knows the value of rural Canadians:

“We haven’t learned as the Liberal party, if you’re going to form, if you’re going to develop policy if you’re going to implement policy, you have to form government. And we need rural Canada in our camp. And I can tell you gun control cost us, in rural Canada, at least 60 seats.”[ii]

It’s our job to fan the flames of fear already burning in their hearts.

Justin Trudeau cares about votes. Justin Trudeau cares about re-election.

Send a clear message to our Prime Minister that Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, will cost him votes. It will cost him M.P.s. It could even cost him his fancy chair in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Send your message every week between now and the 2019 federal election.

Enlist all your friends.

Make C-71 an election issue.

Speak to our Prime Minister in the only language he truly understands –– VOTES!








  • Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, does nothing to tackle firearms violence, but rather adds further red-tape on law abiding firearms owners;
  • This legislation brings back the useless and ineffective long-gun registry; and
  • This legislation does not provide the resources to frontline police forces to tackle the true source of firearms violence: gangs and organized criminal enterprises.

We, the undersigned, Residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to scrap Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, and to instead devote greater resources to policing in Canada.


Sponsored by Rachael Harder, M.P.

Lethbridge, AB


March 28, 2018


Question of the Week:
Have you contacted your elected representatives to express your displeasure with Bill C-71?


Results from last week’s question:

Do you believe the Liberal government is creating a backdoor gun registry with Bill C-71?

  • Yes: 97.1%
  • No: 1.5%
  • Not sure: 1.4%

Congratulations to William of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, winner of the Uberti Silverboy small-bore, lever-action rifle!


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CSSA Magazine Law Suits and Bill C-71 – What it means to you.


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Click here to access the CSSA AGM Electronic Ballot. Voters MUST provide their surname, membership number and postal code for identification purposes.

You may also request a paper ballot from: [email protected].

NEW: Liberals banning Swiss Arms rifles and bringing in amnesty period for current owners

If you own one of these SAN Swiss Arms rifles…

  • a SAN Swiss Arms Model Classic Green Sniper rifle;
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…you’ll need to read: Order Declaring an Amnesty Period (2018): SOR/2018-46

BONOKOSKI: There’s a reason gang-bangers with guns are called criminals

By Mark Bonokoski | Toronto Sun | April 4, 2018

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, perhaps forgetting he grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan where Varmint rifles are not exactly foreign objects, says anyone who thinks the Liberals’ new gun legislation is just another “back-door gun registry” is either “honestly misinformed or deliberately not telling the truth.”

But, when shops legally selling guns are compelled to keep a list of both their buyers and their inventory, what else would you call it?

A compendium? A logbook? A rose by any other name?

There are a goodly number of rural federal ridings on the cusp, their residents having cast their votes in 2015 for the “sunny ways” of Justin Trudeau instead of again backing the dusty greyness of Stephen Harper and his Tories.

Ten years is a long time to be in power. Change for change’s sake is often a good enough excuse, but when a young charismatic leader with a famous surname pops up, the allure can be too sparkly to ignore.

Hence, a Liberal majority for a leader who just now is beginning to expose himself as all flash and little substance.

This has lesser Liberals worried.

Ralph Goodale, who was an elected member in federal and provincial politics since the 1970s, has obviously forgotten how hated the national gun registry was, and how the Harper Tories got elected to government in part by the promise to have it dismantled.

So Goodale is pitching it again but denying it’s a registry.

With Trudeau’s popularity circling the bowl, and an election a little more than a year away, this has many rural Liberal MPs on edge.

The Hill Times newspaper, a must-read in the Ottawa bubble, recently published a list of rural and urban-rural ridings where the Liberals squeaked out wins by less than five percentage points.

There are 14 of them.

In the Ontario riding of Hastings-Lennox and Addington, for example, where hunting is tradition, Liberal Mike Bossio beat out Tory incumbent Daryl Kramp by 0.5%.

It was the Trudeau factor all the way. In the 2011 federal election, Kramp won the riding for the Conservatives in a romp, collecting three times as many votes as the Liberal candidate.

Then along came the pied piper of progressiveness.

Goodale insists Bill C-71, the legislation that has resurrected the gun debate, will not revive the gun registry that the Harper government tossed in the dumpster back in 2012.

He claims, instead, that the legislation is aimed at making communities safer and preventing firearms from getting into the hands of criminals.

The only firearms criminals are interested in, however, are handguns, and the information tossed out by various politicians and mayors is that these handguns are being increasingly acquired domestically.

In some jurisdictions, any handgun seized with its serial number filed off are catalogued as being locally acquired, despite the fact that the lack of a serial number makes them untraceable—to anywhere or to anyone.

So, it’s a dishonest fact-fiddling and fear mongering.

In Canada, acquiring a handgun legally requires the potential buyer to go through a series of hoops which go way beyond acquiring the proper firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) and passing the requisite firearms safety courses.

Any legally-purchased handgun must then be registered and totally documented with the Chief Firearms Officer of Canada where the buyer is vetted, and his or her background thoroughly checked. In Ontario, this office is run through the provincial police headquarters in Orillia.

There is no need, therefore, to beef-up regulations.

Gang-bangers bypass all these requirements, of course.

This is why they are called criminals as opposed to law-abiding gun owners.

See the story HERE





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Alberta teen launches petition against gun control legislation

By Stephen Hunt | CBC News | April 4, 2018

‘What this bill is proposing is already being done,’ says 15-year-old Ryan Slingerland

A petition launched by an Alberta teenager calling for the federal government to scrap proposed gun control legislation has drawn close to 50,000 signatures.

Fifteen-year-old Coalhurst, Alta., resident Ryan Slingerland launched the petition in reaction to Bill C-71, which would require gun retailers to retain records of firearms inventory and sales for at least two decades.

It would also require the seller to validate the firearms licence of the purchaser, and increase background checks for anyone wanting to buy a gun.

Slingerland believes the bill is both misguided and duplicates restrictions already in place, making it redundant before it even passes through the House of Commons.

“Stores are already registering these guns, they’re already keeping this information,” he said. “At the end of the day, what this bill is proposing is already being done — so it’s [ultimately] just making it a useless bill.

“I saw the new regulations would focus on law-abiding gun owners, while we could be tackling firearm violence from a much different angle, such as policing,” Slingerland said in an interview with The Homestretch Tuesday.

He disputed the notion that Bill C-71 will make the country safer by placing greater checks and balances on who is able to purchase firearms.

“There are currently good checks in place for purchasing firearm. This bill will add further red tape on law abiding gun owners and will bring back an effective long gun registry.

“Law abiding citizens are not the issue with gun violence,” he added. “The thing is, if a criminal wants a gun, they’re not going to register it.”

‘There’s a lot of support behind it’

Slingerland’s petition urging the government to scrap C-71 has the backing of Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder. It turns out a lot of Canadians agree with him as well.

Slingerland said the majority of signatures on his petition have come from Ontario, followed by Alberta and then the rest of Canada.

“It’s pretty incredible to see how passionate Canadians are about this issue,” he said. “Not just in this area, but nationally.

“You see online — and I hear it at school as well — there’s a lot of support behind it.”

He also pointed out that there is a vast difference between gun control laws in Canada and in the U.S., where high school students have taken to the streets calling for stricter gun controls following the recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

“In the U.S., they don’t have same background checks that we have,” he said. “We have much stricter rules.

“And our firearm violence isn’t the same as they are [either],” he added.

Slingerland’s father was a municipal politician for seven years, and the teen says he’s interested in the idea of running for office one day. He’s currently part of his school student council.

“I’m interested in politics and how the government works. This is also a clear example of how people can be involved in politics with not having to be in them,” he said.

“Petitions are a great way for youth to voice their opinions on issues in Ottawa as they are not allowed to vote.”

See the story HERE


Liberal MP who weathered gun-registry fight not worried about new firearms bill

By Jim Bronskill | The Canadian Press | April 1, 2018 and Updated April 3, 2018

OTTAWA — He’s the Liberal MP for a large, rural Ontario riding with lots of gun owners, but Bob Nault says he is not worried about a voter backlash over the government’s new firearms bill.

The Conservatives say the legislation would unfairly target law-abiding hunters and target shooters with fresh measures.

Nault, however, sees nothing in the bill that could stir up the sort of controversy that erupted over the universal long-gun registry in the 1990s — a fight he remembers well.

The latest legislation will have no major impacts on legitimate firearms owners, Nault, 62, said in an interview. “I think this is going to be put to bed fairly quickly.”

Not if the Conservatives have any sway.

Since the bill’s introduction last month, Tory MPs have called the move to tighten controls on the sale and tracking of firearms the creation of a new national long-gun registry.

The bill would require retailers to keep records of firearms inventory and sales for at least 20 years, a measure intended to assist police in investigating gun trafficking and other crimes. It would also require a gun seller to ensure a buyer’s licence is valid prior to the transaction.

“By going to the store level as opposed to the home, the Liberals are trying to bring in the registry by a back door,” Conservative MP Erin O’Toole said in the House of Commons. “In several Parliaments in the past we saw that it did not work, it did not hit crime, it cost hundreds of millions of dollars and it targeted law-abiding people as opposed to lawbreakers.”

The Conservative government dismantled the long-gun registry, a Liberal initiative that mushroomed into a costly computer boondoggle and stoked resentment in the firearms community.

The Liberals are quick to note the new plan to require commercial retailers to keep sales records would revive a measure that existed from 1979 until 1995, when universal registration of guns essentially replaced the store ledgers. Most merchants already record sales for safety and liability reasons and because it affects their insurance, the Liberals say.

As for greater scrutiny of sales, it’s the buyer’s licence, not the gun, that’s being verified, and no information about the firearm is exchanged, they add.

The Conservatives are using the firearms bill as “a wedge issue” to capitalize on the wariness of rural residents, said Nault, who won the northern Ontario riding of Kenora by just 498 votes in the 2015 election.

But he prefers to view the latest federal effort to control firearms as one step on a long path that stretches back to the late 19th century.

Nault, a gun owner whose father taught him to shoot as a youngster, was one of the MPs who provided advice to the government about what the Liberal caucus was hearing in the mid-1990s as Allan Rock, then justice minister, pushed ahead with the long-gun registry.

The current bill is nowhere near as far-reaching, Nault said. As of late last week, he had heard from 45 constituents with concerns about the legislation in his sprawling riding that covers one-third of the province.

Among the reservations: a measure that would restore the authority of RCMP experts to classify firearms without political influence, repealing cabinet’s authority to overrule Mountie determinations, and another that would roll back some automatic authorizations to transport restricted and prohibited firearms, such as handguns and assault weapons.

“As I’ve said to my colleagues, of course we’ll lose some votes in rural Canada, because whenever you talk about firearms, people naturally get upset about it,” Nault said.

But he insisted the bill is “quite balanced” and will have “virtually no impact” on 98 per cent of gun owners.

He stressed the importance of a provision that would expand the scope of background checks on those who want to acquire a gun. Instead of just the five years immediately preceding a licence application, personal history questions would cover a person’s entire lifetime.

“In Canada, owning a firearm is a privilege, not a right,” Nault said.

“Hopefully people will start to see this more as a non-partisan issue.”

See the story HERE





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Gun owners oppose new federal regulations

By Martine Blue | The Western Star | April 5, 2018

Chair of PAB chapter of Delta Waterfowl weighs in

The federal government’s new regulations on firearms acquisition, ownership and transportation are not popular among some gun owners in the province. The new legislation includes enhanced background checks on those seeking to purchase guns, standardized record-keeping by gun vendors, restoring a classification system, and increased stipulations on the transport of restricted firearms.

The government release announcing the new regulations justifies the law by stating “crime rates generally in Canada have been on the decline for more than two decades, but offences involving firearms have become more prevalent, especially since 2013.”

“Many communities across the country have been facing a steady increase in gun violence over the past five years,” Ralph Goodale, minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, stated. “With this legislation and our other measures, we are taking concrete steps to make our country less vulnerable to the scourge of gun violence, while being fair to responsible, law-abiding firearms owners and businesses.”

Jody Wilson-Raybould, minister of justice and attorney general of Canada added: “Canadians expect and deserve safe communities, free of gun violence. This proposed legislation will help keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, and respect law-abiding gun owners. “

Dave Sperry, president of the Northwest Arm Rod and Gun Club says that everyone he’s spoken with thinks there were enough regulations before the government created more and that it is just adding bureaucratic red tape to responsible, law abiding gun owners. He says that laws around gun handling were first implemented in the 1930s and were adjusted over several decades to include every facet of ownership including background checks; spousal support; training; the storage of guns and ammo; the licensing of how, where and when they can be used; and how they are transported.

Sperry believes that “the new regulations were put in place for the federal government to appear to look like they are doing something about people’s concerns regarding gun violence, but that responsible gun owners end up carrying the burden intended to stop illegal activity.”

Sperry points out that “although the government claims the new legislation is intended to stop illegal gun use and activity, criminals don’t go through the proper channels anyway so there’s no point in over-regulating the people who do.”

Mark Lomond, chair of the southwest Newfoundland chapter of Delta Waterfowl, agrees that the new legislation “will do nothing to stem gun violence and will simply burden law abiding gun owners and hunters and force people to give up ownership.”

He maintains that the federal government is “fear mongering on the back of terrible social issues being experienced due to social media and video games. It is all designed to reduce legal gun ownership and is detrimental to the legal gun community by making more hoops to jump. We already have licenses and are trained, this is bullshit.”

See the story HERE



Who is Many To One?

Many To One is a registered Canadian charity whose goals include developing a centralized online website of PTSD resources, promoting PTSD awareness in the community and working with established organizations to support our heroes in the military, police, fire and EMS sectors.

Awareness, education and training are the main tools used to combat and prevent PTSD. Our mandate is to build a PTSD website to guide those who have PTSD and supporting family members to treatment options and to develop training tools which can be utilized by front line workers in at-risk occupations.

How did Many To One start?

M2O started with a simple idea of doing online auctions to help raise money for existing charities that support our heroes in times of need. For two years, with the support of major corporations both in Canada and United States, we were able to raise funds and awareness for key organizations.

We quickly realized that PTSD was a significant issue which needed more focused attention. Through research and reaching out to the mental health community, it was evident that there were a great number of existing programs which served the needs of our military and first responders.

Our Mission

To become an online conduit of PTSD resources world-wide, connecting people to the help they need.

Many To One is committed to simplifying the process of finding PTSD resources. It can be a challenge at the best of times to find information on the internet, but when you are already battling PTSD or you are struggling to support a loved one, this challenge can seem overwhelming.

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We need your support to build and maintain this resource for our heroes, both locally and abroad.

For information about the Charity Online Auction or how you can donate, please visit their website at ManyToOne or FaceBook page at ManyToOne.


Big Battle Brewing Over Chicago Suburb’s Ban on Assault Weapons

By Michele Blood | | April 6, 2018
NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, others are already fighting new ordinance against most popular rifle in America

In response to the recent mass shootings in this country, government officials in a Chicago suburb earlier this week criminalized the possession, sale, and manufacture of “assault weapons” and “large-capacity” magazines, as Reuters and other media outlets reported — and the ban includes the most popular rifle in America, the AR-15, and the most common capacity magazines for it.

After June 13 of this year, residents in violation of the new ordinance passed by the Village Board of Trustees in Deerfield, Illinois, can be fined up to $1,000 for each day they fail to comply, as the Chicago Tribune reported.

In addition to those fines, the ordinance also gives law enforcement “the power to confiscate and destroy the weapons and magazines. The town, however, says police officers will not make ‘door-to-door’ checks to ensure people are complying” — but gun rights advocates are already suing the village of Deerfield, as The Washington Times noted.

On Thursday night’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Fox News guest host Katie Pavlich and Democratic strategist Joel Payne debated the controversial developments and the potential fallout.

“Conservatives don’t believe in taking out certain pieces of the Bill of Rights depending on what place you live in,” said Pavlich.

“Conservatives usually like this, by the way — that states and localities are taking power back from the national government,” countered Payne.

“We have restrictions on all of our amendments, not to prevent us from being able to enjoy them fully but to be able to enjoy them responsibly,” he added.

The enforcement of Deerfield’s ordinance could well lead to the violation of other constitutionally guaranteed rights, Pavlich suggested, such as freedom from unwarranted search and seizure, if police were to go door-to-door to engage in warrantless confiscation.

“This is exactly why gun owners don’t want a national registry,” said Pavlich. “Liberals want to know exactly where the guns are so they can confiscate them.”

The ordinance’s definition of an assault weapon includes, among others, “semi-automatic rifles that have a fixed magazine with a capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition; shotguns with a revolving cylinder; and semi-automatic pistols and rifles that can accept large-capacity magazines and possess one of a list of other features. Among the dozens of specific models cited are the AR-15, AK-47 and Uzi,” the Tribune reported.

“Liberals want to know exactly where the guns are so they can confiscate them.”

NRATV’s Chip Eberhart reported that the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action) and the Illinois State Rifle Association are challenging the law, which was an amendment to a 2013 ordinance related to gun storage. The Supreme Court declined to hear a case addressing a similar law in neighboring Highland Park, which allowed the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit’s decision permitting the Highland Park ordinance to stand.

Eberhart said the law “clearly targets gun owners, not criminals.” He added, “It’s a feel-good law that will accomplish nothing to enhance public safety. They should be ashamed.”

See the story HERE



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