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God & Country – Treasonous Trudeau?

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Our Heritage

Canada’s heritage is common to all western countries where the laws are founded on biblical values. The fruits of this heritage are unparalleled freedoms and equal standing before the law for all citizens. One could take a map of the world, highlight those countries with the greatest historic freedoms and equality of opportunity and see the benefits, which have come to their citizens from our shared Christian heritage.

As secularism has taken root in our society we have seen increasing limitations on our historic freedoms and equalities.

Over past decades, we have seen a greater number of laws that provide extra protections to one group, leaving all Canadians who are not part of that group with ‘lesser protection.’

Evidence for America\’s Christian Heritage

In the debate over the so-called “separation of Church and State” versus America as a Christian nation, we have to look at our Founding Fathers and the facts of history to see the truth about America’s Christian heritage. While it is certainly true that our Founding Fathers did not intend for America to be established as a Christian nation in the same way Iran, for example, is established as a Muslim nation, they did intend for America to promote, endorse and encourage Christianity. The very people who wrote, signed and ratified the Constitution also used the Federal government, it’s land and resources to promote Christianity. Of course, many people today attempt to deny these facts and will sometimes use deception or Straw Man arguments instead of looking at the actual evidence.

Trudeau should be charged with treason

Layne Morris admits the “sneakiness” of the Canadian government to shield Omar Khadr from having his sweet cash settlement being exposed to an American court order felt like another terror attack.

“Like a punch in the face,” Morris said. “We didn’t understand the deal but we didn’t think that the government would do a behind-the-scenes move like that.”

Trudeau devalues the meaning of citizenship

A self-proclaimed follower of Islamic State pledged her allegiance to the terrorist army in a Toronto courtroom Monday.

It was the second time Rehab Dughmosh told a Canadian courtroom she’s loyal to ISIS, not Canada.

She’s charged with seven offences related to assault, weapons and uttering a death threat, but not with any terrorism crimes.

Trudeau’s undo-everything approach is no way to serve Canadians

In their single-minded determination to overturn almost every Conservative initiative, perhaps the Liberals envisage Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as Han Solo battling the Galactic Empire (not to imply that anyone in the PMO resembles Han’s co-pilot, Chewbacca — superficial similarities notwithstanding). It really does not matter whether the Liberals’ actions are motivated by politics, ideology or antipathy. What matters is the impact these policy reversals have on Canadians.

Another controversial Islamic group gets Summer Jobs Grant funding

Another controversial Islamic group with ties to a terrorist organization will receive the Trudeau government’s Canada Summer Jobs Grant, the Sun has learned.

According to a government database of grant recipients, the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) has been approved to receive ten grants to fund activities for its various chapters across Ontario. MAC’s Mississauga chapter is listed as receiving three separate grants.

DISTURBING: Trudeau Government Giving $23 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Groups Accused Of Connections To Islamist Extremism & Terror-Funding

The funding announcement was made by Iqra Khalid, who announced that money was going to the National Council of Canadian Muslims, and Islamic Relief.

There is concern in the country about a recent funding announcement by the Trudeau government.

Has Trudeau committed treason?

THREE YEARS AGO, almost to the week, Justin Trudeau informed the world he no longer believed in Canada. Our country will be the “first post national state,” he told the New York Times. “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.”

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