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Mass shooting deaths in 2018 killed 68 Americans and the mass media freaked out

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS murdered 2,000 people – MSM silent

(Natural News) It’s astonishing how at least 200 million Americans have no clue what’s really going on in this country regarding deaths caused by illegal immigrants, prescription medications, vaccines, hospital superbugs (think MRSA), chemotherapy, and hospital surgery errors. That’s because the mainstream media, a.k.a. MSM, purposely fails to report any of it.

What most people fail to realize also is that nearly every TV station and newspaper is biased news that covers up all the atrocities caused by whatever makes the corporations money or ensures more people voting for Democrats (Socialism and “free stuff”). Every year in America, illegal immigrants flood across the border, bringing with them drugs, crime, infectious diseases, and likely votes for more crooked Democrat politicians. Though some illegal aliens are innocent humans seeking a better life, many are also criminals who will rob, rape, and kill to “get theirs.”

When a mass shooting occurs in America, the news is PLASTERED across all networks, newspapers, and fake news websites like CNN and Vox

If you hate fake news, bad news, and twisted news, kill your television and burn the newspaper in your fireplace, then cancel your subscriptions. The main reason mass shooting news is all you see after one occurs is because it riles up emotions of citizens so everyone will vote for gun control, which is really total gun confiscation in disguise. Every death of an innocent person in a mass shooting is a complete tragedy, but the numbers pale in comparison to the innocent Americans dying at the hands of violent illegal immigrants.

When an illegal alien commits a crime, any crime, mass media ignores it entirely. It doesn’t fit the narrative that supports mass immigration and socialism (a.k.a. communism). One of the deadliest, most dangerous gangs in the world is now flourishing on U.S. soil, and they’re called Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). They are prominent in half of the U.S. states right now as you read this. Again, you will never hear this on mainstream media, but it’s true.

Just since 2012, and thanks to Obama’s DACA program, over 200 murders have been tied to MS-13, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. The DACA program helped spread crime, but none of that is ever reported on the major networks. In fact, over 500 cases of major crimes are linked to MS-13 gangs, but the sanctuary cities and the feds protect them from getting deported or even arrested by local police.

Southern Poverty Law Center supports illegal immigrants murdering Americans while opposing conservative values

A radical Leftist group called SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) fully supports the MS-13 gang, and has declared our President, Donald J. Trump a racist for calling these outright guilty murderers the “violent animals” that they really are. If the mainstream media were to call a mass shooter at a school or church an “animal,” it would be perfectly normal, but to refer to a mass-murdering illegal immigrant as one, well, that’s a crime in itself, according to MSM.

One recent tweet by SPLC posted this: “It is unacceptable for such racist, dehumanizing language to now be repeated 10 times on the White House website in a document that speaks for America.” Yet surely if MS-13 gang members were to rape and murder some Democratic politician’s child, they would be yelling curse words and calling the criminal an animal.

Still mainstream news wouldn’t report that the murderer was an illegal immigrant, and that wouldn’t be considered hate speech, since social media sites like Facebook and Twitter only define and censor “hate speech” when it fits the Leftist narrative. You see, according to MSM, all illegal immigrants are peaceful, healthy people who just want a better life, even the gang members.

One member of MS-13 is actually nicknamed “Animal” and is serving 40 years in prison for stabbing a teenage boy to death. So, SPLC, you were saying? Still, SPLC considers conservative Christians to be “extremists.” Go figure.

MS-13 gang violence goes unreported in the mainstream media, while mass shootings stay flooded across the media for days on end, 24/7. MS-13 violence, including gruesome murder, happens way more often than mass shootings, too, but it’s not in the news. MS-13 gangs have been known to stab people 100 times and dismember bodies, but it’s not in the news. They bludgeon people to death with baseball bats, kidnap kids and teens and hack them up after gang-raping them, but it’s not in the news. MS-13 murders American police officers in cold blood at traffic stops, but it’s not in the news.

This is just a sampling of the many incidents of illegal immigrant violence and murder, all of which is blacked out by mainstream media, so the brainwashed American masses will continue to vote for Democrats, who fully intend to destroy the Constitution, free speech, free press, liberty, and the American dream. Tune into for more updates on illegal immigrants committing horrific crimes that go unpunished and unreported by the corrupt “lame-stream” media.

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