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Google Insider to Project Veritas: YouTube Deliberately Suppresses PragerU, Dave Rubin, Tim Pool

Allum Bokhariby Allum Bokhari

A Google insider who spoke anonymously to Project Veritas claims that Google-owned video platform YouTube is discriminating against creators who do not meet the tech giant’s political criteria.

The insider explained that Google and YouTube use terms like “machine learning fairness” to give a sheen of neutrality to their efforts to suppress content that might contradict progressive narratives.

He also claimed that their efforts now extend beyond conservatives to non-partisan commentators who critique the left as well as the right, like independent journalist Tim Pool.

Via Project Veritas’ interview with the insider:

…They described that they were going to have more content filtering, and right after that happened a lot of the content creators started to get demonetized, and their videos started to get deranked. I’m talking about Dave Rubin, I’m talking about Carpe Diem, I’m talking about Tim Pool, and a lot of the other content creators that are within YouTube ecosystem just saw their, their view counts just go through the floor.

So, Google is targeting what they consider rightwing news commentators so that includes Tim Pool, Dave Rubin, Steven Crowder, and a host of other right wing people that they are coming in and they’re deciding that they don’t want these opinions to have a wide appeal. And so they’re coming in and they’re putting their thumb down, and they’re deciding which content the users are allowed to see.

They’re playing narrative control. And what they’re doing it is they’re applying their human, the human component, which is they’re going through – with an army people – and they are manually intervening, and removing your content from, from their servers, and they are saying that the algorithms did it. And in that case for the high profile people, it’s not just ML Fairness that you guys have to worry about, it’s actual people that have their head filled with this SJW mindset, they’re going through and removing the content because it – because they don’t agree with it.

Watch the full interview below:

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