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Trudeau Economic Failure – Trump’s Great Economy

More Weak Numbers Show Continued Failure Of Trudeau’s Economic Polices

After the massive amount of spending, for Canada to have such low growth is absurd.

The Trudeau government has spent a massive amount of taxpayer money, driving up our debt and deficit.

At times, an infusion of government spending – especially when it’s on tangible infrastructure – can be an economic boost, and can be helpful in the long-term if that infrastructure helps facilitate further economic expansion.

That means it takes a truly special kind of incompetence to run massive deficits and still have weak economic growth.

The latest economic numbers show that Trudeau’s economic policy has been a total failure.

Trudeau’s economy is a total failure

Canadians are getting poorer everyday.

There are many funny games the government and elites play in order to hide the true state of the economy.

For example, they love talking about “GDP growth,” while almost never wanting to discuss GDP per capita.

That’s because GDP growth includes population growth, and while it claims to be “inflation adjusted,” it often seems that real inflation far surpasses what the government claims.

Why would the government want to make sure population growth factors in to how they report economic ‘success?’

Turns out, if immigration numbers are high, it’s almost guaranteed that the economy will look like it’s growing—even if things are actually getting worse.

Trump’s economic success is a YUGE problem for 2020 Democrats

The U.S. economy is once again the envy of the world and one man is most responsible for pushing back against eight long years of Obama-era economic darkness:


Via: The New York Post:

Chalk up yet another winning month for Trumponomics: The US economy added 263,000 jobs in April, far above the expected 190,000. Unemployment fell to 3.6% — the lowest since December 1969, the year of the Miracle Mets and Joe Namath’s triumph in Super Bowl III.

Plus: Median wages continued to rise markedly faster than inflation, with hourly earnings up for the ninth straight month. That means the gains reach across all income levels.

And the good news is primed to continue: On Thursday, the Labor Department reported that nonfarm productivity rose 3.6% in the first quarter, the fastest increase in more than four years. That’s a key sign that wage growth should continue — without risk of triggering inflation.

That’s important: Fears of inflation were behind the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike late last year, a hike that panicked the stock market and also seems to have slowed hiring for a couple of months.

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