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New System Needed – Trudeau’s Trial Balloon

Canada needs new political system

Our voting system weakens Canada’s cohesion. It artificially amplifies the regional concentration of political party support at the federal level. With 50% of the vote in a given province, a federal party could end up taking almost all the seats. But with 20% of the vote, it may end up not winning any seats at all. This is how Ontario appeared more Liberal than it really was, Alberta more Reform-Conservative, Quebec more Bloc, etc.I do not see why we should maintain a voting system that makes our major parties appear less national and our regions more politically opposed than they really are. I no longer want a voting system that gives the impression that certain parties have given up on Quebec, or on the West. On the contrary, the whole spectrum of parties, from Greens to Conservatives, must embrace all the regions of Canada. In each region, they must covet and be able to obtain seats proportionate to their actual support. This is the main reason why I recommend replacing our voting system. The issue now is to come up with an alternative.

Trudeau breaks ethics rules again

Of the 338 MPs elected last October, only 13, including Trudeau, had failed to file their statements as of Feb. 5, the last time commissioner Mario Dion’s office updated a status report on members’ compliance with the disclosure requirement.

Trudeau’s cabinet faces 5th ethics investigation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is facing another ethics investigation — his fifth one since taking office in 2015.The latest probe was announced Monday after Canada’s ethics commissioner confirmed he was looking into allegations that Trudeau’s office pressured former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould (who has since resigned) to help SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal prosecution over corruption and fraud charges.

Trudeau govt backpedals on licensing of news websites after outcry

(LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s heritage minister backpedaled yesterday on comments published Sunday by CTV News that the Trudeau Liberals are considering forcing news websites and social media to obtain a government license to operate in Canada.Steven Guilbeault made his initial remarks during an interview with CTV’s Evan Solomon on the report released last Wednesday that recommends massively expanding the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to regulate not only radio and television broadcasters but news websites as well.

Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson

He was the son of King Gorm the Old and of Thyra Dannebod. Harald ruled as king of Denmark from c. 958 – c. 986. Harald introduced Christianity to Denmark and consolidated his rule over most of Jutland and Zealand. Harald’s rule as king of Norway following the assassination of King Harald Greycloak of Norway was more tenuous, most likely lasting for no more than a few years in the 970s. Some sources say his son Sweyn Forkbeard forcibly deposed him from his Danish throne before his death.

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