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`The Real Climate Crisis

by Douglas Jack

We live in diverse times and one of the oddest phenome’s is this vast segment of society that seems to have lost the ability to accept fact or logic. I don’t think it is any wonder that the majority of this society has lost the desire for common sense and are those living in cities, if that is living. The irony in most if not all of these manmade crisis’s is that there is usually a thread of truth, that is twisted around and modified to suit the wishes of certain members of a society. In the matter of Climate Crisis the irony is far worse than those can imagine because of one verifiable fact that has been the catalyst for this whole sham; cities are heating up!

Well to most that would make sense right? I mean we are all going to die in 12 years from the planet melting, the building block of life Carbon is now a poison to all life and in some circles they are going as far as to say now water is killing us. So it is A truth that cities are in fact heating up but not the truth of the whole story, you see the whole truth of the story has to do with actual science and physics and that is almost impossible to explain if your trying to explain fact of science to someone who believes feelings created Unicorns and the Universe. The truth of so called climate change is that anyone living in a city going into the near future, are not be able to handle the extreme temperature differentials and what that will do to infrastructure. If you thought there was only one crisis you have been watching too much main stream media, no in fact there is there is more than one crisis going on here but let’s deal with one crisis at a time.

The first serious problem has to do with how materials absorb radiant energy(heat) and release it back to the atmosphere over time and the other associated issue is how energy dense is a material before it takes on heat. I know this sounds all very technical and it is but for the sake of our conversation here let’s use a parallel of concrete and wood to establish a more lifelike model instead of writing in a bunch of scary scientific stuff like laws of Thermodynamics or laws of Entropy. What is the primary difference between a 10lb fire log and 10lbs of concrete? Simple, the energy in concrete is locked in and the energy in wood is not. Ok, so what does that mean? It means that the amount of energy that went into manufacturing 10lbs of concrete, you can never get back out and not only that but to remove or break it back down requires an exponential amount more energy just to recycle it, that is an energy lock. Wood on the other hand is not energy locked and the energy it produces in heat is exponential to its mass, so for fun let’s put that into some useful perspective.

The energy that went into the fire log or tree to begin with, as in sunlight and nutrients is equal to its mass but the energy it produces in heat is an even greater exponential value to its mass. So if you take a 10lb log and cut it up then burn it down to ash, the total heat released would be let’s say 500,000 BTU. What you are left with in ash will weigh about 12 – 14 grams so we can now show that the difference is about 99% of the mass that went into heat or that 99% of mass is energy. That means that natural materials like wood will give more energy than its mass whereas non-natural materials like concrete take more energy than their mass and it is locked in. So the big question is what happens when you get to a point where an unmeasurable amount of energy is locked into very small geographic areas? You will now have a massive energy imbalance and one of the biggest problems with concrete is that it took and great deal of energy to produce it so it can only take on a small amount of extra energy. A forest on the other hand is not energy locked and can take on an exponential amount of energy which would explain why on a hot day most us go and sit in the forest or under tree. If you think that is nonsense, go take a thermometer and check the temperature in the shade of a tree versus under a concrete or metal shade, you will be very surprised at the difference.

So far we have shown that there is a crisis in the amount of energy locked materials we now have in condensed geographical areas and as a result the cities are heating up while the surrounding land appears to be cooling. Cities are also experiencing extreme temperature differentials like it’s -25 in the city during winter but only -15 in the surrounding land. That actually shows the thermal or heat vacuum created by non-natural materials during cold months has an equal and opposite effect that is has during the hotter months. Basically concrete unlike wood is a non-insulating material so when it gets cold, wood for instance will keep its heat energy inside of it whereas concrete has to take energy or heat out of the environment to equalize the loss; so a city will be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.  I did mention that there was more than one crisis here and the next real crisis we should discuss is the crisis of Carbon and CO2 depletion.

While 30% of the people who just read that are having a complete meltdown  and losing their minds the rest of us can talk about a third crisis before I get into explaining the second crisis which at this point has every Climate warrior doing a war dance. The third crisis we should talk about is not an environmental one or a social one, like the person freaking out because someone said carbon is good, no it is a political crisis. One of if not the biggest misconceptions in our society is that we assume politicians think or hear the same words we do and not all politicians are the problem, we know who the bad ones are because they cause a lot of problems. Protesting is a very useful tool in the citizen’s tool box of government influence, right along with voting and because protesting is written into our constitution as a civil liberty the politicians can’t outlaw it but they can certainly punish us for it. Every single time a segment of our society gets up and starts a movement that says we are ruining everything and we are all horrible what do political leaders hear? They don’t hear Green, sustainable, renewable or any of the able’s; all they hear is we are guilty and are willing to pay more for everything.  Every time any group of people starts screaming for policy change to fix our evil human behaviour we will be the first to pay more for it and the last to benefit so be careful what you ask for.

Hopefully most of the climate lunatics are now ranting against saying that politicians are bad so we can go back to our previous conversation on the crisis of carbon depletion, specifically CO2. Again we see the direct manipulation of information being twisted around to justify the means for a select few, to the point of confusing the data between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Those are two very different compounds and one is a natural gas the other a manmade gas. The biggest difference has to do with the effects these two compounds have on biology, as in how much gas it takes in the air before it has an adverse effect on life. Interestingly enough science has proved that there is no limit to how much CO2 you can put into the environment, in fact everything just gets greener and bigger unlike CO or carbon monoxide. In contrast to CO2 carbon monoxide becomes fatal for an adult at around 200ppm and for a child it is around 70ppm. Did you catch that? That says that the difference in adverse effect or the lethality of CO compared to CO2 is an astronimical value!

Why is carbon dioxide so important to sustain life here on our wonderful planet? The answer simply lies in the actual compound which is one carbon atom surrounded by two oxygen atoms and it is vital in the process of photosynthesis. No carbo dioxide, no photosynthesis, no plant life and eventually no oxygen, basically if you want to kill all life here on the planet take all the CO2 away.