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Kaos & Cow Burps – Toronto Star Wacko

Masks for cows aim to filter burps to curb greenhouse gas emissions

A company has developed a burp-catching device for cows in hopes that the invention will help curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The U.K.-based startup ZELP — or Zero Emission Livestock Project — claims that its burp-catching masks will help slow the spread of greenhouse gas emissions, a key component in the force of climate change.

The mask is a muzzle-like contraption that monitors the percentage of methane being released by a cow. When the monitor detects an excessive amount of gas, it then converts the methane gas into water and CO2 and releases it from the device.

Cattle farmers Francisco and Patricio Norris designed the device to help slow down the processes of food digestion without the interference of feed additives that are commonly used, but are also a main driver in gas in their gut.

The tens of thousands of white people who rioted at the U.S. Capitol were reclaiming white supremacy

Let it be remembered that it was white people who were allowed to breach the U.S. Capitol during a joint session of Congress, white people who broke the building’s glass windows and rummaged senators’ desks, white people who laid violent siege to the seat of American democracy, white people whose attacks led to Vice-President Mike Pence being evacuated and white people’s violence that put the senate and house chambers on lockdown.

Tens of thousands of white people. Armed white people. Confederate flag-waving, QAnon poster-bearing white people.

Mostly maskless rioters on a day when the U.S. hit 21 million cases of COVID-19.

They weren’t just white people engaging in democratic protest. “An insurrection,” president-elect Joe Biden called it.

Whom are we kidding? What we witnessed today was an assertion of white power, a Trump-pumped MAGA crowd staking claim to power without care for facts or truth.

‘Unacceptable’: Canada public health employee took a trip to Jamaica, paid by Air Canada

The president of the Public Health Agency of Canada says it is “unacceptable” that one of the agency’s managers ignored advice andvacationedin Jamaica last fall.

Iain Stewart says although the trip taken by Dominique Baker in November was not related to her work for the federal agency, its employees are expected to heed the public health advice not to travel.

Baker has now removed a blog post from her personal style blog and videos from her Instagram account about an all-expenses paid trip she took to an expensive resort in Montego Bay in November.

But not before her bosses were alerted to the trip, amid a slew of stories about politicians and health officials ignoring the warning not to travel while theCOVID-19 pandemic continues to rage.

MLA Yao claims stress made him fall off the grid in Mexico

Tany Yao has apologized for being an MIA as the media and his party searched for his whereabouts.

The Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo MLA was one of 10 UCP members and senior staffers who jetted out of the province for warmer climes despite the province being in a full lockdown and health recommendations saying people should avoid non-essential travel.

But matters were made worse in Yao’s case when he went off the grid in balmy Mexico.

When the UCP snowbird scandal broke, suntanned MLAs and staffers quickly caught flights back to wintry Alberta. All, except, Yao, that is. The premier’s office could not find him for several days.

“I let my guard down with the discovery and release of the vaccine,” said Yao in a text message to the Fort McMurray Today, in which he claimed he had just turned on his phone.

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