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Free Speech Going…going – Florida Will Sue Big Tech

Freedom of Expression Under Attack: The Liberal Government Moves to Have the CRTC Regulate All User Generated Content

Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault appeared before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage last month and was asked by Liberal MP Tim Louis about “misinformation that somehow this [Bill C-10] would control, or regulate, or censor social media.” Guilbeault responded:

In the case of YouTube, for example, we’re not particularly interested in what people…you know, when my great-uncle posts pictures of his cats, that’s not what we’re interested in as a legislator.
When YouTube or Facebook act as a broadcaster, then the legislation would apply to them and the CRTC would define how that would happen. But really, we’re not interested in user-generated content. We are interested in what broadcasters are doing.

Internet censorship only part of Trudeau’s vision

The Trudeau government’s obsession with regulating, censoring and ultimately controlling what Canadians can see on social media is part of a much larger agenda of instructing Canadians on what and how to think.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dismissed this concern as “tinfoil hat” thinking last week when challenged, the great American conservative philosopher Thomas Sowell prophetically described what’s behind Trudeau’s thinking in his 1995 book, The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy.

Conservatives are Justin Trudeau’s only hope of success

The prime minister has bungled just about everything, but he still might win the next election

There you have it in a nutshell: O’Toole has to sell himself to an electorate that’s seeking a realistic option to the swaggering and empty-headed Liberals, while heading a party that’s still bickering over ideas the majority of Canadians have long since accepted.

No wonder Trudeau, for all his professed reluctance, has to feel the urge to roll the dice on an election. A bickering and divided Conservative opposition is his only realistic hope of strengthening his position. It certainly can’t be his record.

St. Louis’ murder rate, already highest in US, soared last year; mayor vows to defund the police

In St. Louis, Mo., the worst-in-country murder rate is at a 50-year high, the police department has nearly 100 unfilled jobs, and the mayor wants to defund the department and shut down a city jail.

St. Louis’ Tishaura Jones, who became the city’s first Black female mayor last month, had campaigned on a promise to enact progressive criminal justice reforms.

The head of the city’s corrections department is also on his way out. Jones announced his resignation last week, saying she hadn’t requested he step down but making clear she wasn’t satisfied with how he ran things.

Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill to Stop the Censorship of Floridians by Big Tech

“This session, we took action to ensure that ‘We the People’ — real Floridians across the Sunshine State — are guaranteed protection against the Silicon Valley elites,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Many in our state have experienced censorship and other tyrannical behavior firsthand in Cuba and Venezuela. If Big Tech censors enforce rules inconsistently, to discriminate in favor of the dominant Silicon Valley ideology, they will now be held accountable.”

A Third Grader Was Forced to Remove Her “Jesus Loves Me” Mask—So She’s Taking a Stand

The lesson appears to be no different in the third grade.

That’s why ADF filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of an elementary school student and her parents after school officials prohibited her from wearing a face mask with the message “Jesus Loves Me” on it.

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