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Paul Hinman WildRose Party

My vision is for Alberta to become a Sovereign Constitutional Democracy that recognizes the Supremacy of God and the rule of law with individual freedoms and rights protected. A shining beacon to the world as the safest, healthiest and most prosperous country in which to live, work and to raise a family.

Early Years

Paul was born in Edmonton, AB in June of 1959 and soon moved to Calgary where he grew up in the neighbourhood of Haysboro. From a young age gymnastics, scouting and farming played a major role in shaping his life.

Paul’s Haddon Road Elementary principle, Mr. George, convinced his parents that this boy full of energy and bored with school needed to do gymnastics. Paul excelled and in a few years went on to compete in the provincials where he finished in the top 6 all-around.

Paul entered the scouting program at age 8 and loved all the challenge badges where he was always eager to try new things. The old Scout Promise, “On my honour, I promise to do my best, to love and serve God, my Queen, my country and my fellowman, and to live by the Scout Law” and the Scout Law, “A Scout is: Helpful and Trustworthy, Kind and cheerful, Considerate and clean, Wise in the wise of his resources” continues to be a guide in his life.

Farming has always been a part of Paul’s life. From the early spring seeding to the fall harvest, the family travelled south to the family’s mixed farm for the weekends where they raised cattle, sheep, chickens, kept a milk cow and riding horses.

Paul has always had a love for animals and continues to enjoy the odd horseback trip. In 1972, Paul’s father Nolan, retired from banking and the family moved to the farm.

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