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Australia To Make COVID Restrictions ‘Permanent,” Americans Claim This Is What Happens When You Give Up Guns

COVID LUNACY – South Australia’s extreme COVID-19 restrictions are on track to become a permanent fixture, according to a segment from 7 News – WATCH:

As the reporter explained, “the new [South Australian COVID-19] legislation is said to replace the Emergency Management Act responsible for rules like mandatory quarantining and mask wearing.”

“But the alternative bill could face some pushback in the Upper House. The law society says it lacks detail and would hand the governor extraordinary, permanent powers,” she went on.

“Leaked documents have reportedly revealed that the Liberal Party is worried about hefty penalties of up to $75,000 and a two-year jail term planned for any future covid breaches,” she added.

In other words, restrictions would no longer be categorized as an emergency. They would be codified as law and enforced indefinitely.


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