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WEF stiffs Trudeau at Davos after criticizing his authoritarian ways


Why is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wandering throughout Canada getting heckled when he should be in Davos, Switzerland attending the “Great Reset” deliberations at the World Economic Forum (WEF)? Clearly even the globalists have given up on Trudeau as a credible leader. And as he loses support among new immigrants and blue collar workers, that might be his most loyal constituency.

The absence of Trudeau at the WEF might be the best evidence that this group does not possess any grand strategy to take over the world but is just a bunch of international leeches who will drain the coffers dry of any country or any international organization. Because, believe me, if the WEF was looking for a perfect globalist candidate to infiltrate a major Western democracy it would be our own Justin Trudeau who has consistently promoted a socialist world view that should be in sync with the WEF.

The state media in Canada is very sensitive about any criticism of the WEF – immediately insisting that anyone who objects to these controlling elites is somehow captive to backwater conspiracy theories and not fit to participate in any public debate. Even the likes of Andrew Coyne insists this is a “paranoid” response from the Conservative Party that has “deep roots.” Oh my.

But whether the WEF is actually sitting behind closed doors and plotting to control the world is perhaps irrelevant. This is nothing but a private club for the very rich to lecture the world on their political agenda that is focused on globalism and climate change and whatever political fashions are popular at the moment.

But they didn’t want Trudeau this year. Why? Because he’s become an embarrassment. Too many blackface routines. Too much authoritarianism. An abundance of bad democratic taste. Trudeau is out of the club like the idiot who drank too much and spilt his Scotch on the duchess.

The WEF recently criticized Trudeau for being undemocratic. Did you see this anywhere in the media? Probably not. It has been completely unreported. But here’s what they said:

“Only very strong democracies saw less vulnerability to democratic erosion. Yet even very strong democracies are acting more authoritatively in relation to public restrictions and vaccine mandates. For example, Canada’s parliament recently decided to extend and broaden its emergency powers that enabled police to stop “dangerous and unlawful” anti-vaccination protests, to now also allow the freezing of protester’c;s bank accounts.”

Not a happy scene for Trudeau.

While Canada’s state media would never report that their paymaster has lost the respect of the WEF gang, they are not above fabricating stories and there is growing evidence that they did just that this week over Trudeau’s visit to a Surrey fundraiser. After seeing protesters at the event, the craven Trudeau ran for cover as he usually does when facing any kind of public opposition.

You recall his reaction when the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa. After dismissing everyone as part of a dangerous “fringe element,” the prime minister fled the scene as quickly as possible and had his lieutenants in town continue to smear the group as bunch of nasty Nazis.

So Trudeau needed a similar story for Surrey and that fable was that Trudeau was compelled to leave because the protesters were shouting racial epithets at some of the Asian-Canadian attendees.

The CBC originally reported this allegation as stone cold fact – even though there was no specific mention of what these racial epithets actually were. After independent journalists began noting the absence of any evidence, the state broadcaster then changed their story to note that the local Liberal MP made the allegations.

However, the CBC continues to suggest there is some link to Trudeau’s appearance in Surrey and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s incident in Peterborough, Ont. where protesters called him a traitor for selling out to the Liberal government with a formal alliance. Once again, there was no evidence that the people there were targeting Singh for his race or religion but that fits nicely into the Trudeau narrative that any opposition to him or his government is always racially based and a product of white supremacist or right-wing extremist groups.

This is of course absolute nonsense.

So it is no mystery that both Trudeau and Singh are constantly carping about the increasing volatility of violent, extremist and – yes – racist protests posing a danger to Canadian politicians. And the CBC is always there to parrot this lie by insisting “misinformation” everywhere is provoking horror in the streets. Hey, CSIS says so.

CTV News actually found a story in the insipid tweets of the insipid mayor of Calgary, Jyoti Gondek, who sought to find political capital in the horrendous Texas shooting this week.

“Our own issues of safety, gun violence & hate-based crimes need to be addressed by policy makers. This only happens successfully by abandoning partisanship & focusing on the people we collectively serve. We must collaborate broadly for a stronger society.”

So now Calgary is a bastion of “hate-based crimes” and the good mayor is asking residents “to collaborate broadly for a stronger society.” How profound. Do these Trudeau acolytes deal in anything but clichés?

It hasn’t been a good week for Trudeau but he is no doubt asking the WEF what amends he can commit to in order to get back on the guest list. It might be the only time this insouciant excuse for a leader sits down and thinks about a strategy.

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