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Somebody take Trudeau’s passport from him

The only thing worse than watching Justin Trudeau in Canada is watching Justin Trudeau outside of Canada.

Whether it was when he popped out on stage in India dancing the Bhangra while playing dress up in traditional Indian garb, or more recently when he held a karaoke party while in London for the Queen’s funeral, the prime minister just can’t seem to overcome his compulsion to embarrass us when he is overseas.

If he isn’t pulling bizarre, attention-seeking stunts, he still embarrasses us at international summits as we are always treated to footage of international leaders ignoring or even purposely snubbing him at meetings. They don’t take him seriously and they make it clear they haven’t the time to indulge him when they’re having important discussions. They have more important things to discuss than where Trudeau got his latest pair of cute socks.

Trudeau’s most recent stunt wasn’t due to his trying to grab attention, nor was it another video of his standing on the outside looking in during an international gathering. This time Trudeau managed to put his full intellect on display when he was asked a question he wasn’t prepared for while he did a presser in Cambodia.

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