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‘Beyond farcical’: Former Liberal MP blasts Trudeau’s ‘climate change’ agenda

by Anthony Murdoch

‘This is not only irresponsible, it’s quackery. And it is certainly not based on science.’

(LifeSiteNews) — Former Liberal MP Dan McTeague, who now is the head of Canadians for Affordable Energy, blasted the “insanity” of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s costly “climate change” agenda in a recent interview.  

“There seems to be no push back to the insanity of suggesting that somehow, Canada’s responsible for weather conditions somewhere else in the world,” McTeague stated in an interview last week with the Western Standard. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

McTeague, while hailing from the same party as Trudeau, is an advocate for the oil and gas industry, which he says is needed to help keep Canada prosperous.

In the interview, McTeague noted that due to the lack of discussion of alternative views regarding so-called “climate change,” “people have bought into a notion that is beyond anything that one would consider rational.” 

Giving an example, he said that for Trudeau to think that “imposing taxes or regulations on an already very clean industry is somehow going to change the weather” is “beyond farcical.” 

“And it is the stuff of magic and make believe,” he lampooned.

McTeague made the comments in response to the Trudeau government’s new $1.6 billion National Adaptation Strategy initiative, which will give millions for “Wildland Fire Innovation and Resilience” along with updating flood maps.  

The Trudeau government has blamed “climate change” for recent wildfires and floods, while seemingly overlooking the fact that Canada for years has had poor forest management and flood mitigation plans, and has historical records showing that similar fire and flooding events have occurred in Canada many times in the past.  

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