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Hollyweird Hypocrite – Cashless Society

Hypocrisy Much? Millionaire Actor Mark Ruffalo Slams Capitalism, Calls For ‘Economic Revolution’

Actor Mark Ruffalo claimed on Twitter Sunday that it’s “time for an economic revolution,” asserting that “Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.”

A vocal anti-Trump crusader, Bernie Sanders supporter and climate change alarmist, the “Avengers” star is just one of a slew of Hollywood celebs, musicians and career politicians to decry capitalism as an evil system that only benefits the elite few.

Hilariously, he’s also one of the many hypocrites.

Don’t Underestimate How Badly the Powerful Need Control of Online Speech

Seems like almost every day now the mass media are blaring about the need for speech on the internet to be controlled or restricted in some way. Today they’re running stories about Joe Rogan and Covid misinformation; tomorrow it will be something else.

The reasons for the need to control online speech change from day to day, but the demand for that control remains a constant. Some days it’s a need to protect the citizenry from online disinformation campaigns by foreign governments. Sometimes it’s the need to guarantee election security. Sometimes it’s the need to eliminate domestic extremism and conspiracy theories.

Trudeau Excoriated by MEPs; Labeled a “Tyrant,” “Neo-Marxist,” and a “Disgrace”

A group of MEPs has excoriated Canada’s globalist prime minister Justin Trudeau for the unprecedently oppressive methods he employed to crush the country’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests, labeling him a neo-Marxist tyrant, dictator, unabashed hypocrite, and disgrace to democracy.

The less-than-warm greeting, which took place on Wednesday in Brussels, came from German, French, Romanian, and Croatian Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), following a speech where Trudeau ironically presented himself as a defender of democracy, a staunch advocate for the rule of law, and a guardian of the civilized world.

Trudeau says he’s for free speech except if people insult him

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said people should be free to express their opinions so long as they do not harass others with them.

“While always ensuring and defending free speech, we must make it clear that it cannot be OK to bully and attack people online,” said Trudeau in a Monday speech.

Financial Oligarch Says Central Banks Will Have ‘Absolute Control’ of Money in Coming Cashless Society

A video is going viral online showing the General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements, Agustin Carstens, issuing a disturbing message about the future of the financial surveillance state and its plans for a cashless society. Central banks, Carstens says, will have “absolute control” of everyone’s money.

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