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No strong business case for keeping incompetent Trudeau as PM

Senior Columnist (Parliament Hill)

David Krayden is the Senior Parliament Hill Columnist for the Western Standard based in the Ottawa Bureau. He has been a reporter and columnist for the Ottawa Sun, several major US publications, and the original Western Standard.

Every once in a while in the business of being a columnist, you get to see your prescient words fulfilled before you and think perhaps you might know what you’re talking about.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been wrong before. I predicted Danielle Smith would be the premier of Alberta but as the leader of the Wildrose Party. I said Jason Kenney would never be the premier of Alberta and should have stayed in Ottawa with the federal Conservative Party of Canada.

Well, maybe I wasn’t so wrong at that.

But I was definitely correct in saying that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed monumental stupidity in refusing to sell Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) to Germany because he couldn’t justify a “business case” for it.

At the time, I wrote in the Western Standard, “Only a congenital idiot or an ideological fool would make that kind of statement. There is a billion-dollar business case in that deal and Canada is going to lose a piece of its auto sector in the process.”

Seems like Germany just went ahead and proved Trudeau wrong by building its first floating gas terminal that will help it survive the winter months after losing shipments of Russian oil. At the opening of the LNG terminal last weekend, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz noted how quickly the Germans were able to build the terminal. It was a lot swifter than Trudeau’s ability to make a sound economic decision.

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