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The west is going maverick… so where is the Maverick Party?

Colin Krieger and the Maverick Party were all about Western autonomy before it was cool — so, why are they noticeably absent as Saskatchewan and Alberta introduce sovereignty-themed legislation?

Possibly, it’s the poor showing the party delivered in the last election. The unexpected results left many supporters dejected and numerous electoral district associations (EDA’s) abandoned. An unfortunate circumstance to say the least, because the election numbers alone don’t accurately reflect what the party achieved. While it’s true the Maverick Party only pulled in .20% of total votes, few acknowledged that in less than a year they were able to create a coherent platform, organize dozens of electoral district associations and field 29 candidates. They did this all the while being severely constrained with minimal funding.

It borders on satirical that what they managed to do in the lead up to the election was exactly what most people complain about wanting from their government: Industry, organization and delivering results with the fewest dollars spent as possible.

In May 2022 the conclusion of a two-horse leadership race saw Maverick Party interim leader and former MP Jay Hill replaced by Colin Krieger. Coming out of retirement to lead the party, Jay Hill brought a ton of credibility, professional contacts and name recognition from his past foray in politics. It undoubtedly helped to buoy the party in its infancy. Colin on the other hand, while energetic and full of good ideas, just doesn’t have the same star power. As a result the party gets much less press coverage than is required grow its membership and brand.

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