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No justice for West in Just Transition

The “Just Transition” legislation Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh want to introduce represents terrible news for hydrocarbon energy producers and workers in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The “People-Centered Just Transition” federal proposal sends up red flags from the title onward. It bears the hallmark pretence of caring about people. But putting the word ‘people’ at the front is precisely what governments do that don’t put people at the forefront, as in ‘The People’s Republic’ of anywhere. Ottawa prioritizes government systems over people. Just ask federal civil servants about the Phoenix Pay System.

The “Just Transition” part of the name is a door to their intentions. The transition is a path to an eco-Marxist Nirvana. It embodies a desire, typical of radical environmentalists, to rush toward an imagined future. As the federal proposal makes clear, their aim is “to transform the economy” and “pivot” toward a “cleaner future” that is “just and equitable.”

The past is dirty; the present is unjust; only the future matters, and it is worth sacrificing today to get there.

The “Just Transition” is a bubble of Green utopian visions. The expression comes from the Just Transition Alliance (JTA), founded in 1997. It’s a coalition of “environmental justice organizations and labour unions,” a radical environmentalist arm of European labour. The NDP-Liberals love it. They’re naming legislation after this foreign workers’ environmentalist syndicate.

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