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Docs Reveal Where Adam Schiff Has Been Living for Past 2 Decades – It’s Not California

Not that Republicans haven’t had reasons to loathe Rep. Adam Schiff for years now — particularly over his dissimulation regarding the Russiagate hoax — but he’s the perfect kind of Democrat for California. That’s why he’s running for the Senate seat that belonged to Dianne Feinstein until her death in September.

If only he, you know, actually lived there.

According to a CNN report Thursday, mortgage records show Schiff’s primary residence is a 3,420-square-foot property in the D.C. suburb of Potomac, Maryland.

However, for tax purposes, he’s claimed his 650-square-foot condo in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank as his primary residence — a convenient way to soften the $7,000 he doles out to the government.

CNN found that “a review of past comments, pictures shared on his public social media, and records indicate Schiff makes his full-time home in Maryland.”

There’s not necessarily anything illegal about this, given that the language of the homeowner’s exemption under California law is vague enough that Schiff is safe. Furthermore, it also won’t represent an impediment to him getting on the ballot.

“On the merits, technically there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it,” Candace Turitto, a professor of political science at the University of Maryland, told CNN, with the outlet noting that the Constitution maintains only that the candidate must have an “inhabitancy in the state at the time elected.”

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