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Robert Malone testifies on lack of informed consent, vax injuries in front of Congress

Image Darian Douraghy

Dr Robert Malone said the mRNA shots “were being deployed without true informed consent.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) brought Dr. Robert Malone to the stand during a hearing on injuries stemming from the Covid-19 mRNA jabs. Malone is well-known for being a collaborator in the creation of the mRNA inoculation technology, and was infamously banned from then-Twitter after he had gone against the mainstream narrative surrounding Covid-19. His account was later restored after the platform, now called X, was acquired by Elon Musk.

Malone notably decried the “coercion, compulsion and enticement” seen during the pandemic, as well as “the lack of informed consent” that he claims occurred.

Malone kicked off the hearing with a detail of his background.

The doctor explained, “I was trained at Northwestern University for medical school, also Harvard University for a postgraduate fellowship, UC Davis clinically, and UC San Diego in the Salk Institute of Molecular Biology and Virology. I made a series of discoveries as a graduate student in the late 80s that gave rise to nine issued patents that cover the platform technology of the use of mRNA and these lipid nanoparticles for purposes of vaccination other indications.”

He added that he has “testified widely here and throughout the world over the last three years” in regard to the Covid-19 shots.

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