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Four Years Later, Conservative Voters Haven’t Forgotten How Covid Tyrants Acted In Crisis

Republicans’ long memory for totalitarianism is much more visible on the local level where candidates try to erase their Covid-era behavior.

With the Covid-19 pandemic four years in the rearview, political pundits have started to act as though Americans are ready to move on and declare a “pandemic amnesty” for the petty tyrants who participated in the largest curtailment of American liberty in decades.

While it’s true that there are plenty of issues in Biden’s America that demand our attention — our wide open southern border, rapid inflation and a sinking economy, and the left’s war on our children — the medical tyranny we experienced remains emblematic of our government’s disdain for average Americans.

You might not know this from watching national political news. With hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars being funneled overseas, secret commercial flights ferrying illegal immigrants to swanky hotels across the country, and gender medicine and critical race theory assaulting our kids, it’s understandable that Congress has its attention elsewhere. But Republicans’ long memory for totalitarianism is much more visible on the local level, and it was on full display in a recent local election in my neck of the woods, Texas Senate District 30.

Our district is a rural North Texas stronghold, comprising cities such as Wichita Falls and Denton, and dominated by an energetic Republican grassroots. Well over a million dollars went into the primary, which featured four candidates. The two winners, Jace Yarbrough and Brent Hagenbuch, are headed to a runoff election that will take place May 28.


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