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NY District Attorney Sandra Doorley Flees Police During Traffic Stop

Asserts She is Exempt from the Law Due to Her Position as DA

District Attorney Sandra Doorley is at the center of controversy following a traffic stop where she appeared to leverage her status as Monroe County’s DA to evade law enforcement procedures.

The incident, captured on an officer’s body-worn camera, shows Doorley dismissing the reason for the stop and insinuating her legal authority would nullify the traffic violation.

Doorley was recorded going 55 mph in a 35 mph zone on Monday evening on Phillips Road. Instead of pulling over, Doorley continued driving to her residence on Fallen Leaf Terrace, about a mile away, while an officer followed with active lights and siren.

The video, released by the Town of Webster, depicts a defiant Doorley who, at several points during the encounter, reminded the officers of her position.

Doorley argued she had been on a call with Webster Police Chief Dennis Kohlmeier to assure the police officer she was not a threat. However, the video shows her using her phone to demand Kohlmeier convince the officer to leave her be.


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