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Cardiologists Confirm Covid Shots Caused Sudden Heart Attack in ‘Healthy’ 29-Year-Old

Cardiologists investigating the sudden heart attack of a “healthy” 29-year-old have concluded that the Covid mRNA vaccine she was forced to take for her job is the cause of her cardiac failure.

International marketing executive Florencia Tarque is speaking out after finally discovering the cause of the heart problems.

Tarque, who leads an athletic lifestyle centered around wellness, suffered an unexpected heart attack on April 16.

She says doctors were “baffled” and initial testing “showed signs of a heart attack.”

She was then rushed for an angiogram which showed “no blockage or heart attack.”

However, Tarque, who says she “has played sports her entire life,” pressed doctors to continue investigating the issue.

She says an MRI scan proved on April 23 that she did, in fact, suffer a heart attack.

After doctors initially claimed the heart attack was “caused by a virus,” Tarque says cardiologists have now confirmed it was “the result of the Covid vaccine.”

Doctors diagnosed Tarque with Covid vaccine-induced myopericarditis.


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