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Irish Town Gets Kenyan Mayor Who Calls Irish Opposed to Mass Immigration “Terrorists.”

The newly appointed African mayor of Derry in Northern Ireland has a message for Irish patriots who oppose immigration: You are terrorists, and you must be stopped.

Indeed, socialist Lilian Seenoi-Barr called them terrorists not only last year but also more recently on a radio program in which she denied calling them terrorists.

And now that her original comments from last year have gone viral, leftists are blaming Alex Jones and his Infowars website for publicizing them.

No Opposing Mass Immigration

Installed by her Social Democratic and Labour Party days ago over two real Irish candidates, the Kenyan refugee was a city councillor before the party picked her.

Seenoi-Barr is also programs director for the North West Migrants Forum

, which bills itself as the “as the leading anti-racism charity.” Its mission, it says, is to “transform the narratives around black and minoritised communities through tackling prejudice and stereotypes, normalising access to services and promoting respect, fairness, equality and success.”

Thus, anyone who opposes the takeover of Northern Ireland by “migrants” is a de facto racist and terrorist.

“Everyone is living on edge right now and we need to do something about it,” she said in 2023, speaking of Irish patriots who protested against the coming destruction of their country:

We cannot continue ignoring that this is a small minority of far-right [people]. It is an organized terrorist group of people who want to harm immigrants in this country and we have to take action now.

We can’t keep on calling them a small dangerous group of people because it is an organized group of people who are radicalizing young people and encouraging them to go and harm others who are just living peacefully, who want to live a peaceful life in this country.

Note that she called the protesters a “small minority,” but then said that “we can’t keep calling them a small dangerous group of people.”

But forgetting that confused claim, as if calling the protesters terrorists weren’t enough, Seenoi-Barr then denied uttering any such remarks — even as she repeated them in the denial. And, of course, she ducked into the last refuge of all politicians. Her words, she said, were taken “out of context.”

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