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Witness Testifies Michael Cohen Was Bitter Trump Didn’t Offer Him Dream White House Job: ‘After Everything I’ve Done for That Guy!’

A witness in President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial in New York has testified that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s star witness held a grudge against the defendant.

Michael Cohen, who previously served as Trump’s personal attorney in the run-up to the 2016 election, was bitter that the 45th president didn’t offer him his dream job in the White House, the witness told the court.

The witness was Keith Davidson, an attorney who represented former adult star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

The testimony spells doom for Cohen, who previously denied wanting a White House role while himself testifying during a Congressional hearing.

Davidson continued his testimony before the court on Thursday.

He said that Cohen had been hopeful that he would land a position as White House Chief of Staff or Attorney General in the lead-up to Trump’s first inauguration.

Davidson also recounted that Cohen had been upset he was “not going to Washington” following Trump’s win in 2016.

“Can you f—ing believe I’m not going to Washington after everything I’ve done for that guy?” he quoted Cohen saying during an angry rant about Trump.

“I can’t believe I’m not going to Washington… I’ve saved his a*s…,” Davidson recounted of a conversation he had had with Chohen in December following the 2016 election.

He described a “despondent and saddened Michael Cohen.”

Davidson testified that Cohen had called him while shopping in a California store memorably decorated with an “Alice in Wonderland” theme.

The “hush money” case focuses on Cohen allegedly paying Daniels $130,000.

Cohen, a known perjuror, claims the money was to quiet her claims of an alleged extramarital affair she had with Trump in 2006.

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