July 1, 2024

Democrat Turmoil – Kamala Spin – Mark Cuban

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Donors stress over path forward after Biden’s debate performance

Less than 48 hours after President Joe Biden’s alarming debate performance, the Democratic donor class is in crisis, racked by anxiety over what — if anything — the party’s wealthiest backers can do to reinvigorate or replace Biden, whose campaign has commissioned new polling to assess the damage.


“Terrifying” – Mueller’s Hatchet Man Andrew Weissmann Melts Down Over SCOTUS Immunity Ruling, Floats Absurd SEAL Team 6 Assassination Hypothetical

Mueller’s hatchet man Andrew Weissmann melted down on Monday after the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that Trump has absolute immunity for his core Constitutional powers.

Former presidents are entitled to at least a presumption of immunity for their official acts.

The Supreme Court ruled there is no immunity for unofficial acts.

“You could make the argument that is official conduct at the very least presumptively…” Weissmann said referring to the absurd hypothetical argument that a president could order SEAL Team 6 to assassinate a political rival.


MSNBC’s Resident Wacko Joy Reid Claims Biden’s Health Irrelevant — ‘He Could Be in a Wheelchair, I Don’t Care, As Long As Trump Doesn’t Win

MSNBC’s resident wacko Joy Reid has taken her rhetoric to new heights, suggesting that Joe Biden’s health is irrelevant as long as former President Trump does not regain the presidency.

In a video released on TikTok, Reid is having a total meltdown, accusing the Supreme Court of siding with Trump over his claim of absolute immunity.


Democrat Rep. James Clyburn Blames Biden’s Poor Debate Performance on “Preparation Overload”

Democrat Rep James Clyburn was on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash on Sunday to discuss Joe Biden and his performance at last week’s Presidential debate.

He blamed Biden’s debate performance on “preparation overload.”

“What about his performance on Thursday though, sir?” Dana Bash asked him.


Mark Cuban’s Take on Joe Biden v. Donald Trump Debate

Billionaire Mark Cuban called President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump’s debate performance Thursday night “awful” but signaled support for the Democratic nominee, whether it is Biden or a potential replacement.


Exasperated Kamala Harris Spars With Anderson Cooper Over Joe Biden’s Debate Performance

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared on CNN Thursday night after the first 2024 presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and sparred with anchor Anderson Cooper over Biden’s performance.