October 1, 2020

Remove Social Media’s Protections – Destroying New York

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Trump signs executive order that could limit protections for social media companies

Days after Twitter fact-checked a false tweet by President Trump for the first time, the President is expected to sign an executive order that could limit the protections Twitter and other social media companies have under current federal law.

Until now, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms have been shielded by Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which essentially says they are not liable for much of the content that users post.


Social Media Platforms or Publishers? Rethinking Section 230

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, recently wrote a widely discussed critique of the company in The New York Times. He observes that Mark Zuckerberg once claimed that “Facebook was just a ‘social utility,’ a neutral platform for people to communicate what they wished.”

Hughes laments that Zuckerberg now considers Facebook to be both a platform and a publisher—claiming in court that it is “entitled to First Amendment protection” and that it is “inevitably making decisions about values.”


De Blasio’s plan to destroy New York City is working wonderfully

It’s no longer news that, once the Wuhan virus descended on New York City, the rich did what rich people always have down when plague appears: they packed up their goods and their money and left for comfortable country homes where they could wait out the disease.

The New Yorkers who remained in the city ranged from the upper-middle-class down to the homeless. Mayor Bill de Blasio then had the bright idea to bring these two classes together, something that’s working out about as well as you would expect. It’s also a preview of coming attractions for the rest of America should Biden win the White House and Democrats take full control of Congress.


Trump rips Gov. Cuomo, de Blasio for ‘destroying’ New York City

President Trump on Tuesday criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s handling of reopening businesses in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, accusing them of “destroying” New York City.

“New York City must stop the Shutdown now,” the president tweeted. “The Governor & Mayor are destroying the place!”

Cuomo and de Blasio have drawn fierce backlash for continuing to ban indoor dining, despite New York recording record-low COVID-19 infection rates.


Bill de Blasio’s pathetic excuses for his wife’s $2 million-a-year staff

Nearly a third of New Yorkers may be out of work thanks to the pandemic and lockdowns, but first lady Chirlane McCray’s staff is … thriving. And Mayor Bill de Blasio’s excuse for it is beyond laughable.

Fourteen city workers assisting McCray cost taxpayers $2 million a year — most of it buried in the payrolls of various city agencies until former Post reporter Yoav Gonen pulled together the details for online “paper” The City.

Oh, and her staff is twice the size it was in 2018, further evidence that the mayor is using city resources to set his wife up to win next year’s race for Brooklyn borough president.


Bill De Blasio’s Wife and The Case of the Missing $850 Million in Taxpayer Money

Chirlane McCray, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, was entrusted in 2015 with running a new initiative in the city called ThriveNYC, a program that attempted to address issues of homelessness, substance use, depression and suicide, all centered around mental health and with a price tag of $250 million per year in tax payer dollars.


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