July 13, 2021

Trump Rallies Are Back – Dwindling Rights Under Trudeau

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The Overflow Crowd in Ohio at Trump’s Rally Last Night Was HUGE – Larger than All the Participants at Joe Biden’s ‘Circle Rallies’ in 2020

Pictures of the crowd at the Trump rally in Ohio last night show a massive crowd as far as the eye can see.

The crowd in Ohio last night at President Trump’s rally in Ohio was huge. We know this from the number of people in the crowd:

We also know this morning that the overflow crowd was huge as well:


Is the Trudeau Government Using First Nations Protests To DISMANTLE CANADA?

Revolutions rarely begin from a cold start; instead, they usually arise after piecemeal reforms fail to appease a group of critics, while still justifying their criticism. As the Vancouver Sun reported, the indigenous rights cause now unifies a broad coalition of Canadian activists, including those involved in climate change, social justice and anti-capitalism.

“There’s much to suggest this project of post-colonial dissolution is the path Canada’s currently on.”

Close, but not close enough. CAP find media approach to the coast-to-coast Canadian pipeline protests to be entirely fascinating. From our perspective, the media communications of CBC, CTV and the rest of establishment media in Canada are purposefully obscuring the true agenda at hand:


Justin Trudeau has been chipping away at Canadians’ firearms rights since he first took office.

Beyond the rhetoric about “taking guns off the streets” is a battle against Canadians who happen to be law-abiding gun owners. From competition shooters and families who own firearms businesses to Indigenous Canadians and folks in the country’s north and rural areas, ordinary people who have nothing to do with the gun crime are caught in the crosshairs of the Liberal government’s attack on guns.

For these people and businesses, it isn’t about shooting, but about living their lives.

In this True North documentary, Andrew Lawton travels the country talking to the real people Trudeau’s gun grab affects and targets.


Canada is not Trudeau’s to give away

Somehow the behaviour of Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen reminds me of a babysitter I once knew.

Mom hired her for the summer to watch over my brother and I. Mom left Marie with a list of things to do while watching us, like fixing lunch. But somehow Marie had her own agenda, which was to lay around by our pool and work on her tan.


Alberta continues to get the short end of the stick when it comes to equalization

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Albertans have paid $324 billion more in taxes to the federal government than they or the province government have received back in transfers, grants, equalization, fiscal stabilization, pensions or other payments.

That’s an average imbalance of $15 billion a year, according to Fairness Alberta, a group formed to fight for reform of Canada’s one-sided, one-way equalization scheme.


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