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on January 1, 2016 in World News

Russia Leaving No Chance for Washington, Ankara to ‘Split Syria Up’

While Turkey has dreams to re-establish itself as the Ottoman Empire by grabbing Syrian territories, US warhawks are planning to balkanize Syria into different “buffer zones;” however, Moscow has upset both Washington and Ankara’s applecart, Salman Rafi Sheikh remarks. © AP Photo/ Alexander Kots ‘Delusional’: US State Dept Credits Washington With Bringing Peace to Syria Neither Washington, nor Ankara is interested in Moscow’s successful completion of its military operation in Syria aimed at preserving the country’s integrity and sovereignty.The downing of the Russian Su-24 by the Turkish Air Force and Washington’s tacit approval of Ankara’s actions following the treacherous attack was certainly a reflection of their anxiety over the Russo-Syrian… View Article

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