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Family Freedom Threatened in Waterloo, Ontario

We told you about it on the DailySplit.com Right Edition. And now we’re here with more facts to decode the traumatizing debacle that befell an innocent father from Waterloo, Ontario on a day that was supposed to stand in triumph for long-gun owners across the country.

Wednesday, February 22nd 2012 will certainly make its mark in Canadian history, but with two dramatic events that remind us of a quote from Ronald Reagan:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

On that bright day in Ontario, Bill C-19 was abolished, marking the end of the long-gun registry in Canada. The majority Conservative government overwhelmed the vote, breaking Canadian citizens free from the billion-dollar legislature that refused us the right to protect our families with firearms.

And on that same day, a twenty-six-year-old hardworking father of four in Waterloo, Ontario, was arrested in front of his young child and her classmates for no reason.

Jessie Sansone watched his children be taken from him by Family and Child Services for questioning. Jessie Sansone endured a humiliating strip-search. Jessie Sansone saw his pregnant wife hauled down to the police station with their fifteen-month-old child in arms.

And finally, after all the chaos was over, Jessie Sansone was told he had been arrested for possession of an illegal firearm. The “evidence”: a crayon drawing by his four-year-old daughter, depicting a man holding a gun. Little Neaveh described it to her probing teacher as “my daddy shooting bad guys and monsters.”

Besides the absurdity of calling the police over a child’s drawing, what does this over-reaction say about our rights to protect our families?

According to a child psychology expert, “violent scenes are not necessarily worrying signs,” and “the analysis of children’s drawings should be done by specialists.” Where did Neaveh’s teacher get the gall to conduct herself as the authority on children’s drawings?

Guns continue to be associated with violence, evil, and harm. Yet little Neavah’s drawing is about family protection.  She clearly admires her father.

But our education authorities couldn’t see that. And neither could the police. Searching Sansone’s home, they found nothing-nothing but a plastic toy gun from Canadian Tire.

Brian notes in his “Gun Rights in Canada” video that “our rights are beat up and mangled daily,” and Sansone’s mistreatment is a prime example of how our over-reactive authority systems continue to abuse innocent people.

As Reagan says, we must continue to fight for our freedom and the freedom of future generations. We start by recognizing the facts. And that’s what the Daily Split Gun Page Blog is here to do for you.

Stay alert and stay informed!


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