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Long-Gun Registry is Kaput!

Welcome to the DailySplit Gun Page Blog! We can’t think of a better way to start our new segment than to formally commend the hard work of Canada’s thriving Conservative government for finally putting the   long-gun registry right where it belongs: in the history books.

After a monumental vote in Ottawa last week passing Bill C-19 (the Ending the Long-Gun Registry Act), gun enthusiasts and right thinkers alike had high hopes for seeing the Long-Gun Registry finally removed in its absurdity and infringement to law-abiding citizens’ rights.

And the right side was right! The Long-Gun Registry Act was abolished just this past Wednesday, February 22nd 2012, marking the end of an out-dated discriminatory system that has hindered thousands of law-abiding citizens from the ability to protect their families and themselves, legally.

We’ve been saying it for years: “So many people think gun registry is gun control. It’s not. It’s truly not.” (link to “Gun Registry video). The Long-Gun Registry Act has done nothing to protect Canadians from bad people, as not one criminal in this country has gone to register their firearms. That billion-dollar bungle called the Long-Gun Registry created discriminatory labels for thousands of lawful gun-lovers who use their firearms in responsible ways.

Like for recreational purposes. Target shooting. Hunting. Take a look at our entertaining videos to see how responsible gun use can be a rewarding pastime: ( These everyday folks share a passion for the thrill of heavy artillery, and have created an enthusiastic community to thrive in.

And though being involved in a passionate community of fellow gun enthusiasts is rewarding in itself, nothing is as significant in the final abolishment of the Long-Gun Registry in Canada than the right to protect oneself and ones’ family. Brian mentions in his “Self Protection” video (link here), how “self protection is a basic human right”: a right that the Long-Gun Registry had been imposing on since 1995.

Seven years too long, people. Let’s make 2012 the year we make good on our ability to speak up and have our opinions heard. As Tony Bernardo, Canada’s leading advocate for gun owners, mentioned after the February 15th 2012 vote, “…this is democracy in action at its finest.”

We can only speak up if we have the facts.

Take Brian’s word (link to “Gun Registry” video): “Our job at the is to provide you with that information.” With information, you can be an empowered citizen with the freedom to make the right decisions. Stay tuned for more long-gun updates with the DailySplit Gun Page Blog!


Davis, Jeff. “Conservatives and enthusiasts cheer the end of the long-gun registry.” 15 February 2012. National Post.