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Stand Up For One, Stand Up For All: Garry Breitkreuz and Public Stigma

As Garry Breitkreuz, Saskatchewan Conservative MP and influential representative for abolishing the Long-Gun Firearms Registry, comes under torrential criticism this week for allegedly “promoting gun violence” in a speech addressed to a classroom of high-school students, pro-firearm Canadians must take action.

To sit back and watch journalists and left-wing politicians destroy the reputation of a well-spoken, intelligent advocate for firearm ownership in Canada, would be to deny the accomplishments of recent months. Simply put, our community needs our support once more.

As recreational shooters in Canada continue to feel the stigma of gun ownership, taking the opportunity to defend Breitkreuz will put our law-abiding identity back in the press.  Awareness and education about gun ownership is what our country needs to push past this pervading discrimination.

Discrimination perpetuated by shoddy statistics that have been investigated by Breitkreuz over the past fifteen years. He asserts that “after submitting over 500 Access to Information requests on the [Long Gun] registry, [he] can only conclude that the statistics cited by the anti-gun lobby in its support is a sham.”

Indeed, the current RCMP statistics for gun licensing in Canada are misleading. On the Canadian Firearms Program website, it states that “while the vast majority of firearm owners are responsible and comply with the law, over 22,000 firearms licenses have been refused or revoked by the CFP for public safety reasons.”

You may be wondering, “22,000 firearm licenses since when?” What percentages of these were refused? Revoked? Both involve strikingly different situations for having a license withheld.

Without balanced and concise information, the general public perception of firearm owners in Canada will continue to be fueled by hatred and fear.

Indeed, the Breitkreuz incident became a full-blown scandal by one mother with a misdirected understanding of Breitkreuz’ stance on gun ownership.

Dianna Sakisheway’s tenth-grade daughter was in the Ontario classroom Breitkreuz addressed earlier this month. In a letter to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, the angry mother said Breitkreuz “spent most of his allotted time discussing firearms and cited a Texas study that showed women who carry guns are less likely to get raped, including a specific number of women who avoided rape because they were armed.”

She went on to demand the government “ stop assaulting the sensibilities of our children,” accusing Breitkreuz of promoting a pro-gun message.

The troubling aspect of this event is that the media has presented “pro-gun” as an assault to the public. The narrow-minded perception of gun ownership that Sakisheway, and millions of Canadians subcribe to, has twisted Breitkreuz’ beliefs into an evil message.

Breitkreuz has invested years in promoting law-abiding gun ownership, and has spent his career leading the movement to abolish the Firearm Registry. He needs our support now, and our voices. We at Daily Split urge you to write letters to members of federal political parties that support firearm owners, or join a local riding. Contribute in any way to stand up against the ongoing discrimination and uneducated public perception of recreational gun ownership.

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