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Strength In Numbers: CSSA & CSAAA Announce Official Alignment

When the two most influential Canadian advocacy groups for recreational shooting sports come together to support each other in the fight against firearm-owner stigma, you can’t help but feel positive for the future.

Canadian gun owners have had a tumultuous year, with legislative success (, and federal disruption (

Meanwhile, firearm advocates like CSSA Executive Tony Bernardo have maintained a welcoming anchor for communities coast-to-coast, caught in the prejudices of the general public.  The Dead Registry Celebration ( last month was a resounding success!

And now, the foundation for dynamic pro-gun campaigns and national support has been solidified by the official partnership of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), and the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunitions Association (CSAAA).

The timing couldn’t be better. As London showcases the Summer Olympic games in the coming months, Canadian audiences will have the chance to learn more about shooting sports as dignified pastimes that require mastery in accuracy and speed. As the upholders of responsible recreational firearm use in Canada, the CSAAA will be an excellent resource for law-abiding citizens looking to learn more about the sport this summer.

The CSAAA provides gun shop owners with the tools to promote safe, conservation-minded use of their products and services, and welcomes all bona-fide businesses that sell tools and equipment to sport shooters to become members.

So when the fifteen thousand (and growing) CSSA members think of ethical shooting equipment, they’ll think of the CSAAA. This allegiance has the potential to show the Canadian public that “families who engage in sport shooting are no different than families who populate hockey arenas and soccer fields” (Team CSSA E-News).

As “the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada” (CSSA ‘About Us’ page), the Canadian Shooting Sports Association conducts training courses, sponsors shooting competitions, and advocates from a right-wing political platform. With its respected credentials dating back to the 1950’s, the CSSA can provide a strong political backbone for the CSAAA in the years ahead.

In September 2010, Tony Bernardo sat down with Brian at Daily Split and declared, “Shooting in Canada is the black sheep of sports” ( With the official CSSA-CSAAA alignment, this current reality can be changed to reflect an accepted community of families and individuals with genuine respect and passion for recreational gun activities.

The alliance is live! We at Daily Split urge you to head over to the CSSA membership page, and join this active community for only $45.00 a year. Encourage your local shooting equipment shop to register with the CSAAA (