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Viva Las Shooting Ranges!

Gun lovers of Canada can enjoy world-class sport in Las Vegas, where the new shooting range Machine Guns Vegas offers a spectacular catalogue of fun-filled recreational entertainment in a boutique setting.            

“Don’t knock it till you try it,” says Brian in his “Guns” video. Gun clubs in Canada have thrived for years, but with strict Canadian gun laws prohibiting the use of celebrated weaponry like the Ruger Super Redhawk, the thrill of target practice has its limits.

Now, gun enthusiasts from around the world can play out their wildest shooting fantasies at Machine Guns Vegas.  The variety is astounding: the “Elite” package gives participants fifty rounds with a M249 SAW, four semi auto and four full auto with a hundred rounds apiece, and three handguns with thirty rounds. The diverse selection of handguns and pistols, with the chance to experience full-auto in a high-end facility, makes it a unique hotspot in the desert plains of Nevada.

Machine Guns Vegas opened recently, a few months after Brian’s stop in Las Vegas to interview firearm advocate and rock musician Ted Nugent.  Promoting his new line of ammo, Nugent praised the discipline of marksmanship as a “powerful force in [his] life.” If gunmanship can make a positive impact in the lives of inspirational people like Nugent, then it deserves the facilities and the respect that similar hobbies receive nowadays.

For instance, Brian mentions in his “Guns” video that many law-abiding citizens enjoy both golfing and shooting as recreational activities.  Nobody thinks twice about putting their golf clubs in their trunk. But the discriminatory laws surrounding gun ownership in Canada makes the same situation potentially criminalizing to citizens heading to the shooting range.

We must break down this taboo by supporting our local gun clubs, and seeking out new experiences at facilities like Machine Guns Vegas. Keeping the passion for marksmanship alive in our communities requires a dedication to learning more about the sport.  Targeting the fun. Reveling in the satisfaction of hitting that mark.

Check out Canadian gun clubs online. Brian offers some great suggestions in his “Guns” video, and gives viewers the links to several fantastic facilities. Hone your marksmanship discipline and make new friends. The recreational firearm communities of Canada are welcoming and enthusiastic.

And keep your eyes open for seat sales to glitzy Las Vegas, where the ultimate firearm experience awaits you! Escape the ordinary and enjoy a time-honored sport in the city that never sleeps.




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